Cannabis Culture Magazine Moving To Online Version

Cannabis Culture Magazine will be ceasing publication of its print version and moving to an entirely online format due to increasing financial constraints, the prospect of further economic downturn, and the increasing obsolescence of print media in a digital world. Watch for some major changes in the near future as we transform into a revamped marijuana super-site.

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Message from Cannabis Culture Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Marc Emery:

I have decided to cease publication of Cannabis Culture Magazine‘s print version and move to an entirely online format. Magazine advertising and circulation are predicted to fall off in the near future and matters will get worse if I continue to print a paper edition.

We printed 62,000 copies of issue #73. Soon afterward, magazine distributor Anderson News – who handles 25% (about 12,500) of our magazines that go to newsstands – went out of business. This was terrible news for all magazines, as Anderson News was one of the largest publication distributors in North America. That news led to our main distributor, Disticor, ordering 9,000 fewer copies of #75 (had we printed it), meaning our immediate future sales on newsstands would have been severely reduced. Ultimately, each issue lost about $35,000 to $45,000, and my Cannabis Culture Headquarters store in Vancouver, BC was forced to pay for the losses. That was an unsustainable burden we cannot afford going into the future.

Cannabis Culture Magazine began as the Marijuana & Hemp Newsletter (then called Cannabis Canada, then renamed Cannabis Culture) in 1994, the year the World-Wide Web debuted. In those days, all information about marijuana, hemp and our culture was available only in the monthly High Times Magazine and nothing else. We were the first web site ( in the world about cannabis, appearing in November 1994, and in January 2000, we began the very first cannabis video streaming website ( online.

Now there are thousands of websites devoted to cannabis information, photography, commentary, grow information, and political news on an hourly or daily basis. Our magazine, appearing once every eight weeks, simply cannot stay abreast of current events and the modern-day demand for immediate news and material. Our organizations are often being quoted, but the references are from our online material and archives, videos, movies, TV interviews and other multi-media. At the same time, feedback has dropped from readers and the effort to produce a print copy of CC Magazine required enormous manpower and a small Canadian forest for each issue.

The future of all print media is bleak. Many magazines and newspapers could go out of business by the end of the year, including The National Post, Sports Illustrated, Maxim, and many others. Check out the latest Sports Illustrated; it has only 10.5 pages of advertising in the entire issue. TIME Magazine has only eight pages of advertising. Magazines rely on advertising, and as the economy worsens, companies are not able to afford ads like they used to. The digital age is truly the future. Magazines don’t have nearly the impact they once did, because all information is available faster and free online. Our website gets a huge number of visitors and readers – much more than the magazine ever did – so that’s where we will put all of our effort. It’s clear that printed media is no longer sustainable or effective. If we focus on our online presence, we can raise revenue and be more efficient and competitive with information. We will continue our pioneering ways by taking advantage of our Pot-TV video capabilities and our extensive contacts and reputation around the world.

Here’s a breakdown of CC Magazine’s unsustainable costs. Of the 62,000 printed for #73, only 35,000 sold, meaning 27,000 got destroyed (which is typical with magazines, but very environmentally unfriendly). Now, with chaos in our distribution system, our potential sales would drop to under 30,000. The circulation revenue for that is a disappointing $44,000 per issue; advertising revenue is only providing $30,000 per issue, but it costs $64,000 to print 62,000 copies. It’s another $10,000 to ship to distributors, stores and subscribers. Those costs are covered by revenue from all sources, but the cost of producing the magazine is approximately $16,000 for material (writers and photographers), $32,000 for the staff of six people who work in 8-week cycles to produce the magazine, $4,000 an issue in promotion, posters, subscription cards, and much more that were not covered by revenue the magazine generated. Subscriptions never made money, and we never had more than 1,400 subscribers at any one time. Each magazine cost about $2 each to produce, plus 60 cents to ship in Canada, $1.50 to ship to USA, $3.00 abroad. Envelopes and packing took another 25 cents per issue.

This huge cost of producing CC Magazine has meant our retail stores and mail order have had to pour $20,000 into the magazine each month for the past 3.5 years – ever since the Marc Emery Direct Seed catalog was canceled from CC Magazine in July 2005 (after the US Drug Enforcement Administration raided my seed business and set me up for extradition to the US – please see if you don’t know this story, and to help me fight to stay in my home country Canada). When I had the seed business, I paid $35,000 for my 12-page catalog to appear in each issue. In those days, CC Magazine had 20 pages of additional advertising that produced $30,000, so combined, advertising generated $65,000 per issue. We’re done our best to keep CC Magazine alive, but it has been a growing revenue drain.

All subscribers will get a credit in the mail worth 25% more value than what we owe you for the remainder of your subscription. The credit is redeemable for merchandise from the CC Mail Order catalogue, CC online store ( or in our CCHQ store (307 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC, 604-682-1172). If there is no merchandise you would like to receive, then we will reimburse your remaining subscription money.

I am extremely proud of our 15 years of publishing Cannabis Culture in print. Our activist publication inspired so many people, and did numerous good things for the movement. We will continue to devote our time to changing the world and ending the war on drugs. Our Cannabis Culture and Pot-TV websites, the CCHQ retail store, the BC Marijuana Party, and CC’s online mail order will all continue – and they will be able to do even more now that CC Magazine’s losses won’t be subsidized. It is the end of an era, and I know many readers will miss CC Magazine, but it’s also a new beginning. I hope you join us on our journey into the future.

Thank you for your support over the years.

Marc Scott Emery

Cannabis Culture Magazine
307 West Hastings Street
Vancouver BC, V6B 1H6, Canada
(604) 669-9069 / (604) 689-0590



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  2. DiamondInDaRuff on

    hold on to your magazine collection it might become as valuable as a playboy magazine collection in the future…Hold on to your magazines and maybe get Marc to autograph them…they may become worth someting valuable in the future as the cause for legalization comes and goes in the when we finally get legalization accomplished….like a baseball player or football star….get Marc’s autograph and hold on to them for sure…..

  3. DiamondInDaRuff on

    that’s FUNNY………………………. :0)

  4. mtherboy on

    So sad to see it go… imho the best cannabis magazine out there. All i can say is i hope that the online version does it justice.

  5. Adrian on

    I’m looking forward to this new supersite.

  6. Alana on

    I brought March/April 2009 issue. 🙁 to see the print version will no longer appear on shelf, 🙂 that CC is going green! YAY 🙂

  7. desertfish1 on

    cc was the best mag i have found out there. the info and storys were the best.i hope this move will help and i hope back issues will still be avalible.thanks for the love free live the bud.

  8. Anonymous on

    i love reading ur mag. i leave one in my vehicle so other ppl can read them also. especially the hairy pothead issue n the pie-eyed-piper every one gets a kick out of them. i also take them campin

  9. Aurora on

    I think having a DVD compilation would be a great idea as well. Yesterday I was trying to search for Cannabis Culture, and while various search engines (Yahoo and Google) came up with the site hits, I got repeated error messages when trying to connect. I was only able to access the site through a link from the BC Marijuana party. I was thinking that some censorship is going on, and would love to have a secure source of information.

  10. Joe on

    Dam, Just as I recently found this site, and found this page, I was interested to start buying, Its being Ceased.

    Even though its online, I think its good to have something paper that you can just pickup.

  11. Johnll on

    It’s to bad they have to go online due to greedy, capitalists Americans and stupid lobbyist against a useful plant…

  12. Anonymous on

    I mentioned this to Chris Bennett a few years ago when he was manager of pot-tv. He didn’t seem to think it was a good idea because the issues are online. My argument is that not everybody has internet access, and with the feds trying to censor the net, it would be nice to have the Cannabis Culture magasine on DVD. It could be sold at a profit and generate more $ for Marc. I’d pay between 30 to 50 dollars easily for such a dvd. Thanks for everything you have done for us Marc, you are a good role-model for our youth today.

  13. Anonymous on

    This is sooo sad……… I never knew till now…..geezzz ! I have about 15 issues of CC that I will treasure forever……. I also have one issue personally signed by Marc Emery:) I flipped thru same older copies last night…. Thanks for everything guys and gals at CC!!!! Stay strong Marc!! Overgrow the Government folks!!!

  14. shaughnny on

    I am going to miss the printed CC magazines, but in today’s ever changing pc based world I think it is a logical step. Agreed that a Dvd would be a smart idea. When will we be able to subscribe to CC online? Also just wondering what the subscriptions are worth? Please take care Marc, we are still standing tall and spreading the word………we love you man and await your release…..


  15. Preston Noonan on

    I’m sorry to see you go CC. I have been an avid and loyal reader(since issue 3) and was a subscriber early in your history. You have always been an informative and inspirational magazine to me. I have always quoted you when talking to people about marijuana and it’s benefits and news from the battlefield :).

    I will continue to follow you online.

    Good luck Marc on your fight to stay in Canada. I have sent an email to the Justice minister relating my feelings on how you have been treated by our government.

    Stay strong and “Overgrow the Government”

  16. weezy on

    watch some jeffersons or sandford and son! fresh prince of bell-air sucks honky!

  17. jason420 on

    i love everything you all have done for the cannabis movement in canada and the usa!! thanks thanks thanks!!! good luck marc!! peace and pot!

  18. Anonymous on

    i second the DVD idea but hey marc i realy enjoy the printed copy’s cuz i HATE leaning into my screen to read them…

    so why not make a limited edition of each print ?

  19. Derek on

    I went to my first pot rally in victory square across from the old Amsterdam Cafe and was in cannabis culture!! (I don’t remember the year but the tv show Viper filmed right across from us and we had to be all quiet) I loved reading your magazine and will continue in its online form!!!

  20. Anonymous on

    Real unfortunate, especially since you guys refused to print any ads for that legal buds crap. That, in my eyes, gave you the most credibility.

    What pisses me off the most about the entire MJ being illegal thing is that if it ever legalized, it will take only a short while before everyone wonders what the hell the big fuss was all about. Reminds me of when talk of running condom ads started: there were huge repeated warnings that the world would go to hell in a handbasket if the ads were ever implemented. And, then, once the novelty wore off, nobody gave it much of a thought anymore. Of course, Benito XXX would love to see the world go back a couple of centuries, but that’s a different can of worms.

    Perhaps if those who are against legalization would understand that it would not be mandatory for anyone to consume weed, that would help.

    Best of luck on all fronts.

  21. Geronimo on

    A huge loss for pot culture. I will cherish my old cc collection like gold. Tanks will miss cc as mush as I miss Marc Seeds

  22. Froody on

    much love and respect for all the hard work and dedication. sincerely, thank you.
    (hopes for the return of cannabis culture on hemp paper someday 😉
    in the interim, excited about cc online.

  23. Kable420 on

    Yay more on the interwebz!

  24. Anonymous on

    Oh.. you commented before reading the article didn’t you?

  25. Anonymous on

    calm down dude, it clearly says in the article you will get your money back if you ask.

  26. Anonymous on

    nice comment!

  27. Anonymous on

    this is an amazing idea

  28. ashamed american on

    thanks marc for your heroism and bravery, standing up for a rightous cause you are a great and comapsionate human enjoyed the mag very much

  29. jonny greenbox on

    this is pretty sad news, although i can understand why its being done, it is still pretty sad, ill miss picking up each issue of CC, and i tried subscribing, but i was to late, i tried it right when #73 was being put out, and yeah, i knew for the longest time i needed to do it, but just finaly did get the money and the nerve to have it mailed to my house ( i guess im weird, i def dont trust my gov’t tho) you guys truely have an amazing business, and i know i and many other tokers have loved everything you all have done to help the culture, cant wait to see what the future holds for you guys, b/c ill def be keeping up with the site, keep up the great job and hopefully your back issues wont sell out before my next paycheck comes in b/c im def. gonna be stocking up.. =)

  30. Anonymous on

    Best to all those who made CC a fantastic publication…no reason the Online version will be anything less than excellent! 🙂

    I prefer online pubs nowadays and I’d definitely subscribe to to CC Online. 🙂



  31. sandra o. on

    The ceasing of publication of CC is quite a loss for pot culture, but hey! with the internet we are saving many trees from being cut down to make paper and news print! Talk about going green. Maybe other large magazine and newspaper companies should do the same.

    Ps. happy 4/20 in four days everyone!

  32. Montana Steve on

    Call me old fashioned but I’m going to miss the print. I understand the reasons for the change and I’ll see you online.

  33. Anonymous on

    [ Our ganja prince Bob Marley said ]

    Who’s this ‘Bob Marley’ character?
    Whoever he is,he won’t be allowed to muscle in on Marc’s Domain!

    LONG LIVE THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Anonymous on

    i am sad to see the end of cannabis culture,as a subscriber who could not wait for each issue in the mail. your competition from south of the border could not compete with your publication, i am sure i will enjoy the online issues, but having the magazine physically in my hand, and looking at the back issues i have accumulated is something i really enjoy. thanks and continued success in the new direction marc and crew

  35. Bill on

    Hopefully you can switch to online for the near term and publish again when/if things get better. CC really is the best cannabis magazine out there. Who knows, maybe you can start the seed sales back up again someday…

  36. John Woods on

    Marc, and the rest of the staff at CC,
    Thank you for hangin in there as long as you did. CC stole my heart from the very first issue. It led me to Great things and Great Activism. I learned to perfect my Growing first then you taught me to open and run a hemp store with ten thousand dollars then you invited me to tokers bowl 03 which took me to new heights as an activist. You taught me that one man with a vision and a dream of a better planet CAN change the world one seed at a time.(weather that seed is viable or just a thought put in ones mind.) I am grateful to you all and will follow you into what ever this culture has in store for us next. I know you guys and I know this is nothing more than EVOLUTION of GREATER things to come.
    John Woods
    Former owner of
    Sweet Hemptations

  37. jodie on

    Issue #74, the final issue, was printed and has been sent to distributors.

    We are packaging and sending out subscriber copies with coupons for merchandise, since they paid for subscriptions. That should show up in the mail over the next two or three weeks.

    Thanks for all the support and good times! Keep checking out our website for more additions and remodeling as we move into the future! 🙂

  38. templeballs on

    I could never figure out why the mag was not printed on hemp or recycled paper. CC is great but the criminal activism by some of its members (David) really put the legalization movement behind. Straight people and most tokers respect law and order and look at more dharmic ways of solving social issues. Marc, has done more for this issue than anyone and should receive the Order of Canada. Maybe he will get his recognition after his lifetime much like Louis Riel.

  39. Envirohemp on

    To Mark and the devoted CC team,
    Your print magazine has been enjoyed by thousands over the years, and the fact that you kept it going is commendable. Thank you!
    I applaud you for your decision for ceasing hard copies. Having left the print/print advertising industry a year ago myself, I’ve seen the downturn you speak of, and I left before it got worse.

    Your website is highly informative, and my #1 choice for information. I wish you continued success and look forward to the evolution of your website and hempire!

    with great respect and gratitude,
    Hemptress Kelly

  40. Dano on

    Best of luck to you Marc, in my opinion you are a national hero. As a former subscriber(& still loyal purchaser), I believe CC has always been better than HIGH TIMES in too many ways to even list. The fact that you see the writing on the wall with this move proves your insight is spot on. Godspeed to you & all your staff. FREE THE WEED

  41. Anonymous on

    It would be nice if the childish, negative comments below were deleted.

    BTW…Cannabis Culture magazine helped to bring political awareness to the masses and now the internet will bring us together to become a “stronger” voice for legalization…..

    Thank you Marc

  42. Andre on

    I sat and had breakfast the other day – I read the newspaper on my phone.

    I worked out that it was cheaper for me to do so than walk to the door and get a newspaper from the news agent.

    In fact I had no pages dunking themselves in my egg or coffee either. When I was done I put my paper back in my pocket.

    I will miss the magazine and my tradition of getting all excited about the only cool thing that arrives in my post box, making a cup of coffee and a splif and sitting in the sun to read.

    but that is so old school – I look forward to the moving pictures and sound and that new stuff 🙂

    I will treasure my CC magazines – and I certainly will be reading online

    till and after cannabis is legal.

  43. Anonymous on

    What are you here for???


  44. Axion on

    I’ve been buying your magazine for the better part of a decade now, and considered myself very lucky that something like this existed in Canadian print media. You’ve offered a unique publication, quite political and serious compared to some of your competitors. Yours is the only public voice we Canadians seem to have when it comes to the legal and political issues surrounding marijuana. You’ve dedicated a large part of your life to this issue, in hopes that some day things might change for the better. Well, they have. Through CC, your voice has been heard by a generation of Canadians, who now know that drug politics will never change unless we all fight for it like you have.

    I would have never imagined that this publication was such a liability for you; I sincerely thank you for trying your best to keep the magazine afloat. Thank you for all of the great articles over the years. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us all. And thank you for giving us a voice.

  45. Anonymous on

    Marc, I just want you to know I think you and your team put out an awesome magazine, one that I always highly anticipated showing up in my mailbox. And when it did, I was giddy like a young school girl. You always have a lot of interesting content, definitely more than the other mags. Anyway, your position is understood and I look forward to seeing the new super site. Best of luck!!


  46. GreenMan420 on

    This truly sucks, sorry to hear.
    By any chance did #74 get published and mailed to subscribers?

  47. ShutitPigs on

    Who let the fuckin pigs out of their cage? Don’t you guys have some meth labs to go bust? I hear the cartels down in Mexico are increasingly fucking things up thanks to your mandated war on drugs. But no, pigs gotta come on here and gloat as if they won the grand prize.

    You hate pot, you don’t understand it isn’t anymore dangerous than alcohol…but it helps get you off on your republican, foxnews, neocon fed culture war anger. Get the fuck over yourselves.

    P.S: The handwriting analysis that was used to determine Emery’s self-confidence shows someone who clearly lacks in any sort of meaningful confidence in them-self. Anyone who is secure as a cryptographer pig for some MAJOR POLICE FORCE wouldn’t feel the need to point out so.

  48. jay[Big Bat] on

    The times they are a changing, so we must change with the times.
    Counting the cost is what its all about Marc and the war they have waged against are people is a very high cost.If there is anyone that can count the cost it would be you ,as your a general off to the front line with honour and a great nation rebelling behind you and beside you.As we run the race to win in the end the finishing line will be crosed.The end of something always brings on a new era or world that must be discovered.Marc as you climb this mountain to see the other side remeber the prize that awaits and the glory for all the people.

    May the sun come out to greet you
    may the wind blow ligtly against your back
    may the journey be sweet and steady
    the truth prevails all

    sincerly Big Bat


    Bob Marley’s dead.

  50. onegreenday on

    A sad day in Mudville for sure. Thanks You for all your hard work at CC and the great read over the years. I had the 1st few hemp issues.
    Putting out a zine is one tough business & you put out a fine zine for years.
    Our ganja prince Bob Marley said when “one door is closed many more will open.”
    I’m sure that will be the case with you & the CC crew.
    Best of luck with your dreams……..

  51. Daniel on

    It’s upsetting to hear the magazine will no longer be printed… but I’d love to see a DVD with a whole bunch of past issues on it… that would be awesome… and I’ll continue to read the articles on the site.

    no matter what the situation. banning books, or censoring what we read on the internet. humanity will always defy that which is unjust. and government making mother nature “illegal” is stupid. it’s a plant. and it’s here to stay.

    to smokers and eaters around the world, here is to you.. *Hoot-Puff-Puff-Pass*
    keep it green keep it natural. 🙂

  52. Trevor Shaw on

    there needs to be a cc bible published the best of the best! everything from seed super cataloge , how to open a hemp shop and my personal favorite the mountain man story!thanks Marc

  53. Anonymous on

    It’s with a heavy heart, yet energetic anticipation that I’m seeing a transition. CC was one several reads that I look forward to buying and taking with me. Sometimes to blast through and then reread to find those buried nuggets that keep me thinking and reflecting. We need the magazine in whatever form it takes.

    Marc, cut down the production costs, loose the shipping cost so it can continue. It was a drawing card that brought me to my local alternative shop “Crosstown”, but its absence won’t stop me from either. Carry on so we can all start the download.

  54. Anonymous on

    I apologize for that last comment… I was not thinking and I appreciate everything you have done for our cause. I will cherish my existing cannabis culture magazines and look forward to a clean web interface to explore the online version.

  55. Anonymous on

    I want my money back, Marc Emery! I subscribed for a years subscription of PAPER MAGAZINES! You’re a great guy and you’ve done plenty for the cause, but fucking be a political spokes person or run a fucking magazine. You can’t do everything, even though you think you can. I am Very disappointing in your decision to do this.

  56. Anonymous on

    Will Dana still be able to publish Hairy Pothead and the 420 code?

  57. Anonymous on

    wow a bold step possibly the way we will view all printed news in the future, you have done a great job over the years I have been a reader (and collector) since the beginning keep up the good work. At least you are continuing on and not just throwing in the towel will look forward to the first new copy in online format.

  58. Anonymous on

    This sucks! I love collecting CC Mags. Stay strong. OVERGROW THE GOVERNMENT!

  59. Anonymous on

    man, sad times for sure.. well at least i can use my credit for back issues of cc 🙁 i loved this magazine though. best of its kind out there. plus jodie was such a great addition to the magazine. such a beautiful woman. best wishes guys, i hope everything works out. <3 cc

  60. Pablofunk on

    It’s very sad news; I always look forward to getting my fresh issue in my mailbox. It will be missed. That said, I will continue to support your online efforts, and wish you all the best for the future.

  61. smokingalien on

    Hey Marc,

    I think your plan is the right thing to do given the economic realities you are faced with.

    I have been buying CC for many years off the shelf and I have been coming to since the beginning (I am member #35). With that said, you have been missed online since taking over the editor position from Dana Larson. Your contributions to the forums are one major reason I continue to lurk around here. It will be great to hear your opinions in real time.

    I had a feeling that you needed to go digital about a year ago. Now take this the opportunity to turn this website into a goldmine of information, interaction and ultimately, revenue.

    You still have much support out there. You, your staff, and everyone who reads yor material will be better off in the long run. To good management!

  62. tokebloke on

    Marc (and co.),

    I will miss picking up a copy of CC. Sadly, your magazine was the last one I was still buying…hate to hear your news, but thanks so much for publishing for so long…

    Sincerely, tokebloke.

  63. Anonymous on

    too bad, im going to have to start bringing my laptop with me when i sit on the can now

  64. Anonymous on

    CC magazine has been the best all around publication in this genre and it will be missed by many. But technology has evolved and we will have to evolve with it. I am anticipating an interactive web site that will go to great lengths to fill the gap left behind. Great work!


  65. Anonymous on

    Times change, but Cannabis Culture is here to stay. You’d have to blast the human race off the face of the earth to end the culture of cannabis consumers. If paper was banned, we’d use the internet to keep connected. If the internet was turned into a censored website subscription service, we’d find ways around that. Humans are very resourceful when they care about something, and no matter what authoritative force is used against us, we’ll never submit to absolute control.

    So here’s to a new age for the pot-smokers and eaters! *Hoooooooooooooooot…PUFF!*

    PS: Thanks for all the awesome news stories on the website! I like to post them on facebook as links. It ends up in those news feeds on my friends’ main pages, and I’m sure they sometimes notice.

  66. Scott on

    I just picked up a DVD set that contains all the rolling stone magazines from the first issue to the latest (sort of).

    Anyway, if you are planning on releasing all the Cannabis Culture magazines from #1 to the latest on DVD I would pick one up. What the heck?

    If you want a contact who is a guru of doing that sort of thing let me know…


    Keep on keepin on

  67. puff_tuff on

    I’ve been a loyal reader since the Cannabis Canada issues.

    Cannabis Culture Magazine…A true Canadian Icon

    I’ll miss ya

  68. new york nick on

    Ya know its to bad that this magazine wont be published anymore because it just brought some kind of warm feeling of excitement and anticipation to me everytime i had a fresh issue in my hand about to read it. like when i was a little boy i would get a new baseball card every week with my friends you never new wat was inside… just had that feeling….awsome job for the many great years it was published i hope you will still sell back issues for years to come as collectors items because i will def be a customer! i am also a daily surfer of your web site so im glad and sad of the decision but completely know why it needs to be done….GOD BLESS THE BC3!!!!!!

  69. Paul M on

    Too Bad CC Magazine, in my oponion, is/was the BEST Pot Mag out there.