Ron Paul: Congress ‘Drinks A Lot Of Alcohol’ But Won’t Legalize Pot

Members of Congress like to guzzle the booze, but when it comes to the questions of drugs and states’ rights, don’t ask them for a friendly ear. That’s the overriding message carried by Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul on a Friday night appearance with Stephen Baldwin on CNN’s Larry King Live.

Paul, who appeared on the show with Baldwin apparently on short notice, at first appeared ill-prepared for the topic. Guest host Joy Behar, having played a clip of Olympian Michael Phelps’ public apology for the infamous photo of him holding a water pipe, asked for the congressman’s thoughts.

“I’m sorry, over the what?” Paul asked.

“The photo,” said Behar. “The Michael Phelps photo. What was your reaction to all that, what happened with Michael Phelps? I mean, he basically lost a lot of his endors …”

“Oh!” Paul exclaimed. “Meh. That whole thing is a mess. I think it’s outrageous. We’re getting carried away with the War on Drugs. That’s how silly the whole thing gets.”

Arguing from a self-titled “faith-based, conservative perspective” was Stephen Baldwin. The choice of Baldwin is particularly odd considering he’s appeared in so-called “stoner movies” before, such as Half Baked, where he played the “MacGyver Smoker,” and the attempted comedy Bio Dome, where he co-starred with similarly famed actor Pauly Shore.

Calling his efforts part of “two very popular marijuana films,” Baldwin even acknowledged his filmography as a point of credibility to bolster his argument that “marijuana leads to doing worse things.”

“That’s just a fact,” claimed Baldwin. “I don’t care what anybody says. What the debate is. If you smoke marijuana at a young age, that’ll usually lead to alcohol abuse and harder drugs.”

Paul dismissed his concern as “silly.”

“The most addictive drug in the country, in the world, is nicotine,” he said. “Nobody talks about nicotine being a gateway drug, so there’s no sense to that. And besides, [marijuana]is not nearly as addictive as alcohol. If you’re a consistent person and you think the government should be regulating personal behavior, you should be in favor of prohibition of alcohol.”

Attributing the earlier prohibition for the creation of “the Al Capone’s,” he drew a clear connection between current prohibition policies in the US and the escalating cartel war in Mexico.

“You know the people who benefit most by these laws?” he asked. “These are the drug cartels. They lobby to keep these laws in place because they can’t exist without them.”

On the next point, medical marijuana, Baldwin suggested alternatives such as “lots of pain relieving practices that people can study.” But, he also seemed to bear a tolerance for terminally-ill patients smoking marijuana as prescribed by a doctor.

But, Baldwin insisted, legalizing marijuana would drive up the number of impaired drivers on the roads, resulting in untold deaths “just so we can tax it.”

“I understand there’s a few people who smoke marijuana already,” said Paul, laughing. “And, how many times have you seen someone arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana? I mean, I’ve never heard of it! Driving under the influence of alcohol … That is dangerous.”

Paul attributed current laws to a widespread fear of political retribution in Congress, among many members who “drink a lot of alcohol” at that.

“Are you saying that there are a lot of alcoholics in Congress?” asked guest host Joy Behar.

Paul backpedaled. “I said there’s a lot of people in Congress who drink a lot of alcohol.”

“They won’t vote to legalize it,” he added with a laugh.

CNN has a full transcript available here.

This video is from CNN’s Larry King Live, broadcast Mar. 13, 2009.

– Article from Raw Story.



  1. Pauly Wally on

    Well said… are one of millions I am sure. If only we educate more people like yourself. The ones ADDICTED to all kinds of those great and wonderful (insert sarcasm here) painkillers. All they do is keep you addicted so big pharm can reap the benefits….they don’t give a crap about you! Pot is good….period! It helped in a way that you thought was not possible…well go figure! The ‘devil weed’ , that nasty dangerous, addictive, gateway drug (insert sarcasm) actually helped you! And just imagine how many more millions of other people it could help…..after all it is only NATURAL….and it is not going away!!

  2. IndicaJones on

    Let’s see which one is a doctor and which one is a male Paris Hilton? So many points Ron brings up versus the bile that Little Baldwin spews forth.

  3. jason on

    Stephen Baldwin quotes facts that are in fact, the opposite of a fact. STEPHEN. THAT IS NOT A FACT!!

    Most Jesus freaks don’t get the concept of facts.
    Written in 1280 BC, the Egyptian Book of the Dead describes a god, Horus.
    Horus was the son of the god Orisis,
    born to a virgin mother
    Like Jesus, Horus was tempted while alone in the desert,
    He healed the sick, the blind, cast out demons, and walked on water
    He raised the dead,
    He had 12 deciples,
    He was crucified,
    and 3 days later he had been resurrected

    Other gods with very similar stories to Jesus were..

    Krishna (India, 1000 years before Christ)
    was a carpenter
    born of a virgin
    baptized in a river

    The Persian god, Mithra 600 years before Christ
    born December 25
    performed miracles
    resurrected on the third day
    known as the lamb, the way, the truth, the saviour

    etc… etc….

  4. solemn on

    wow, steven baldwin is trying to get into politics, ex drug addict born again christian = idiot.. what a backwards world, Ron Paul is the only sane voice in politics in the states, and putting him up agains baldwin in a debate on prohibition is the corporate medias attempt to make a mockery of the entire issue, and to expect no different is the reason things will not change for the better, america is a fucking joke!…. revolt

  5. Anonymous on

    Fuck you, Stephen Baldwin and fuck you, prohibitionists.

  6. Anonymous on

    Stephen Baldwin has no credibility or much intellect in general so having him sit in with Ron Paul on a roundtable discussion like this is insulting to Ron Paul. C. Ron Paul is the only republican with courage and who makes sense with this issue. Way to go, Ron Paul. The only other honest person with this issue is Barney Frank. The rest are all spineless and dishonest regarding the issue of prohibition. There is no ‘real’ discussion that can take place because they fear political retribution. They are cowards in a most profound way.

  7. voted Obama in Indy on

    When I think back to my childhood I think of eating to much candy and other forms of sugar like most kids. So that’s really the first “drug” I ever took but most parents give it to their kids like vitamins. How about talking about that and a lack of parental knowledge. Sugar is what parents get their kids hooked on then they move to Caffeine and Pharmaceuticals before they ever touch anything else. I mean whats a better slogan then take these two pills and your pain will go away.
    Well at least that was my progression of drugs, I never touched anything else till I was in the Coast Guard. Yeah, unlike most of the people in the US military I had never smoked pot or done any illegal drugs till after I joined and had been in for more than four years. Now I didn’t just wake up one day and say “hey I want to smoke some cannabis”. In June on 2005 while deployed on a homeland security mission I torqued my spine manning the bow gun of a 25′ boat as we screened vessels pass are zone. I didn’t think much of it till the next day when I could barely move. Well when I got back to our base of ops in New Orleans I was put on light duty and given all sorts of lovely pain killers. My life was pain pills and office work till August when Hurricane Katrina flooded my home and the rest of the city. I had a job to do and lots of pills to help me get the job done and that’s what you do. I worked and then continued to ignore the amount of pills I was taking until December when I realized how addicted to pills I was and how much it sucked. I was taking four times my dose and snorting some since at the time I thought that was the only way to get relief fast enough. I was hooked and then like a light switch I realized that this was my life and it was F#@$ed up. I was seriously depressed and the opiates from the pain pills had taken over my body. I said screw life and went out to party with some friends and some coke. So pot still wasn’t in my life till New Years when I smoked for the first time in my life with my brother. It felt great, I was so relaxed.
    The beginning of 2007 I got medically retired and came home to boring Indiana. I started smoking occasionally then more and more as I realized how it was actually helping me. After several breaks from pot I realized how much cannabis can do for me. I have been pain killer free since last fall 2008. I was smoking everyday but I got rid of six types of pills for some weed and my quality of life is much greater. Recently I have had to cut back due to lack of money and it all the symptoms that I thought where gone for the last six plus months have been returning. It sickens me to think that I might one day soon be talking to my doctor about going back on pain killers since I can get a bottle of pills for 4 dollars instead of spending 100 times that on a months worth of weed. Yet I would rather spend the money on cannabis than pills since I know the relief I get from pills is fake and comes with the price of my free will.
    So I ask my government why cant I smoke a plant when I could have easily died for you but instead I gave up my health?

  8. Anonymous on


  9. mike g on

    as much hope as i have in Obama he had better do something about these screwed up marijuana laws .or we will see the demise of democrats just like the republicans went down the shitter.and a third party rising up with Paul as the leader.marijuana must be legalized and the lying despicable profiteers in human misery stopped namely law enforcement .and their plundering of private citizens these modern day Nazis must be stopped at any cost

  10. Anonymous on

    I was totally addicted to caffeine for a long time. I had bottles all over my desk. That was a big eyesore and a psychological barrier to overcome. Once the bottles were gone and I kept them gone, I kept the caffeine away, but it was hard, and the withdrawal sucked a lot.

    I quit alcohol for the most part too.

    But pot… It makes me sleep, it makes me eat, it makes me relax after work, damn, it even makes me friends. Only problems I get are a little temporary cough and some horrible cottonmouth, but then hey, then I drink more water. This stuff’s making me healthier.

    How about they ban mercury in dental fillings and vaccinations if they’re worried so much about our health?

  11. 4everfree on

    Baldwin must be planning to run for some sort of office, the gateway drug argument is weak because it shows a general lack of responsibility for your actions.I personally was exposed to alcohol and tobacco at a very young age before i ever knew marijuana existed. And the first drug I actually became addicted to or (a regular user of) was caffeine. so if anything pepsi was my gateway to drugs.I know caffeine isn’t really considered a dangerous drugs but many people have died from is consumption.

  12. DJT on

    Hahaha how do you like that, the congressman in support of legalization while the actor who portrayed many stoner-slacker characters in films is opposing it? Anyone else think this is backwards? Ron Paul is the man though, he’s been around the block a time or two and knows the facts. Ron took Stephen to school, doesn’t look like Baldwin is gonna change his opinion anytime soon. You can tell Ron made him think a little though(Something actors aren’t payed to do, which is exactly what Baldwin is doing here, acting).