Stop Bill C-15: Say No To Mandatory Jail Terms For Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canada’s government, the Conservative Party, has introduced legislation that would create mandatory minimum prison sentences for marijuana. Bill C-15 won’t work! Even he USA has begun repealing mandatory minimums for drugs — so speak up, Canadians, and help defeat Bill C-15!

Bill C-15 (previously introduced as Bill C-26, then “killed” when Canada had an election) includes unjust and unfair mandatory minimum prison sentences for “drug crimes”. For example, growing one marijuana plant would mean an automatic six months in jail! Making hash is a mandatory one year in prison! All the details are very, very bad.

Click here for the entire Bill C-15 document, or go to Parliament’s official Bill C-15 webpage.

Tell your Member of Parliament to Vote No On C-15!. now has a form emailer for MPs. Click here to send an email to Members of Parliament opposing Bill C-15. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the letter, fill in the fields and click send. It’s that simple!

We need everyone to send emails to our Members of Parliament if we are going to defeat C-15!

Email your members of Parliament today!

Here are other ways you can get involved!

• Sign up today at and join thousands of Canadians in opposing the immoral and dangerous Bill C-15.

• Join the Facebook “Stop Bill C-15” group by clicking here. Read about Mandatory Minimums, why they don’t work, and other statistics and information at

• Say No To Mandatory Minimums for Marijuana! Tell your Member of Parliament: “Bill C-15 is not going to work, mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes are proven to be ineffective. Do not pass Bill C-15!” To contact your Member of Parliament, go here and enter your postal code.

• Contact Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. He introduced the legislation, and must be told that he’s made a big mistake! Be clear and polite, telling him you do not support his plan and that studies show mandatory minimums do not work.

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Niagara Falls:
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  1. Mend A Broken Heart on

    Wow, what’s all the fuss and fighting here for! Are you serious?

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  3. Teeth Whitening on

    I must say nice work guys .keep up with your good work.We always look forward to your work.

  4. JohnnyM on

    There are so many completely false statements here its hard to know where to start. Hemp is a plant. It is a natural medicine. Cocaine is not a plant. Coca is a plant. Cocaine and crack are inventions of Man and probably wouldn’t have been invented if all drugs were legal. Heroin is not a plant. Poppies are plants and opium is the resin collected from scraping the pods. Heroin is an invention of Man. Whenever anything is abused and not used in moderation, problems arise. You managed to see the potential problem. What makes you think your teenagers wont? Perhaps if you learned to communicate with them and help educate them earlier on they could have benefited from your knowledge. Maybe they are ‘failing’ at all the things, like sports, that you consider ‘successful’ because they are protesting, perhaps unconsciously, your hypocrisy, lack of understanding and communication.

  5. LM on

    The USA went down the prohibition road and now has a morality law. That is right. Marijuana should never be illegal. You are mandating morality if you pass any laws that prohibit one’s use.

    Why not just make sex of any type illegal? It is considered the original sin isn’t it? Since orgasms cause a release of endorphins into one’s cerebral-spinal fluid and endorphins are also responsible for the emotion of happiness, shouldn’t this be illegal also?

  6. Anonymous on

    i grew up in the 70’s and everyone i knew smoked dope. i smoked it also saw where it was going and chose not to go there. i have teenagers myself and see the destruction it is causing them from smoking dope. they are failing school and hanging out with losers, giving up on sports, stealing, absolutly no ambition , and there attitude is and i quote “it is just a plant”. fuck you it is just a plant . cocaine is a plant so is heroin you dumb fucks. i have seen what smoking does to people on a long term basis and i can tell you from experience it will and does fuck up your life . see if you talk like you do now in 30 years after all the damage is done. booze is the same way it is a drug but this generation of teenagers are listening to fucking morons like the people who who say it is just a plant ask them if they are succesfull in life . if getting 6 months in the can will stop my kids from smoking dope them i am all for it. i love my kids more than life itself but i can tell you where there are now i can honestly tell you i dont like them at this point. and it can all be traced back to this fucking plant. get you endorfins from something else you dumb fucks. all you are doing is self-medicating because you cant handle reality

  7. Anonymous on


  8. Free man on the land on

    The idiot above must be a cop,Or a MPP.Either way he’s is a liar.Explain how it ruined your heath,$10 a gram?what a loser.Just because you can’t handle it does not mean all should give up the best plant on the planet.I know more whom smoke than do not.Teachers,Doctors.Yes even PIGS.So go blow your negativity up some one else’s ass,Most find you devoid of sense.”If you grow for your self well that’s a different story”Wake up dick head 1 plant 6 months.Does not matter grow op or personal.Have more on the ball before you write on the public wall!!

  9. Elaine Louise Harrison on

    Stop Bill C-15 consider to say no to manditory jail term for marijuana one should consider this the time of prohibition as alcohol went throught and start the ball rolling by no to Bill C-15 and to go forward with liscenses and agreements to allow people to grow their own majority rules in this country and the majority of the country either grows or smokes or both. Personally in my family grandmother,mother, aunt cousins all relatives smoke this grunny loved it never seen her eat so much. Turn this into one of the government cash cows about making the governement money and decriminilizing marijuana.

  10. Anonymous on

    wow people… chill the FUCK out.

  11. guy07 on

    Hm … I don’t really approve of this but lets not foget you CAN LEGALLY grow pot with a licence in canada. My guess is they are using this to force people to register for a licence, so they have a better idea of who is growing and who isn’t. Don’t get paranoid, the government doesn’t really care if you smoke weed. This is probably just to help regulate weed, possibly moving towards legalizing …. but this is just my opinon. 😀

  12. Anonymous on

    If this goes through – Wow – what a step backward.

  13. jason on

    There are alot of stupid potheads out there.
    The majority of the most talented people in the world are also potheads…

    A E I O U and sometimes Y,,,

  14. Anonymous on

    If cutting of the head off the snake is the best way to kill it . mandatory minimums are the equivalent of scooping up snake poop.

  15. A.P. on

    I do not smoke pot anymore and haven’t for many years but, I fully support legalizing it. I live in a university town and many students around me DO smoke pot though not as rampantly as some assume. They are the good kids, they make decent grades and are pretty good neighbors. I’d ten times rather them smoke a little pot than be drunk. I cannot fathom the reasoning behind charging anyone for using pot in reasonable amounts. Putting average citizens in jail or fining them for doing something which is much safer than drinking is backward and utter nonsense. Why all the controversy around this issue has dragged on decade after decade is beyond me. Most of the people opposing legalization have had too much to drink at times and I hardly think any of them would believe they should be charged with a crime despite the dangers of alcohol.

    Do the people opposing this have any idea at all how many average Canadians of all walks of life and ages smoke pot? Responsible people DO and the law makers are behaving as if the millions who engage in this activity still ought to be thought of as criminals. I do NOT think anyone should be publicly high or drive but, then we can’t do those things and drink either.

    For god’s sakes just legalize and tax it. We have far more problems from illegal drug dealing then we do from someone sitting at home getting a little high. Grow UP Canada and legalize this substance.

  16. Anonymous on

    There seems to be a very real lack of priorities that has developed in the past decade when it comes to law enforcement, it really scares me. With all the muders that are happening, it seems that hardly any are solved. What ratio of them are actually solved ? As I walk on the street I can’t help but wonder if, the people I pass-by, a murderer is among them. With valueable police resources alotted to drug enfocement, can they not be put to better use to solve the real menace to individuals, and families? Where in the world do polititians have their heads?

  17. Anonymous on

    Alcohol is legal , if your an alcoholic they take your kids away, If you drive with it they take your license away.

    We obviously have no problem as a society with people getting intoxicated if it’s done responsibly. why are we still using the outdated technology of incarceration for people that want to get intoxicated responsibly by making the drugs they like illegal.

    Education ended alcohol prohibition, it will end marijuana prohibition as well as all other recreational drugs and narcotics.

    But as long as prohibition is making sellers BILLIONS and users criminals what chance do we really have?

  18. Anonymous on

    In the words of Bob Marley…

    Jah would never give the power to the baldhead
    run come crucify the dread
    time alone, time will tell
    think youre in heaven but your livin’ in hell…

    Freedom fighters unite and speak up.

  19. Yes We Can on

    I agree with Chris. Sending an e-mail/s is a good start, but we need more vocal ACTION. I’ve sent e-mails to Rob Nicholson and others some time ago, eventually receiving a rubber-stamp response – here it is:

    Dear Mr. ****:

    Thank you for your correspondence of November 21, 2007, concerning the decriminalization of marijuana.

    Our Government has no plans to reintroduce legislation that would decriminalize the possession of cannabis. The Government is opposed to decriminalizing or legalizing drugs.

    If you would like to learn more about the initiatives to be implemented by our Government under the new National Anti-Drug Strategy, I invite you to visit For more information about the Government’s efforts to tackle crime, you may wish to consult Should you be interested in other initiatives by the Department of Justice Canada, please visit our Web site at

    Thank you again for writing.

    Yours truly,

    The Honourable Rob Nicholson

    I’m of the opinion that the only way to get this bill scrapped in it’s current form is with liberal amounts of civil disobedience – stop traffic, refrain from shopping/work/school if need be. I’d like to see every cannabis-supporter/freedom-of-choice lover worldwide peacefully shut down our infrastructure for a number of days…let’s show these misguided, illogical, blood-thirsty prohibitionists there is strength in numbers – and we WILL be heard. Stand up for what you believe in – let your voice be heard! Don’t be afraid to say YES, I DO…the time is now, friends. It’s always darkest before the dawn.

  20. joe and his six pack on

    The people who are for arresting pot smokers they have a message for you. They want to jail what 30 million people of the population while the others pay for it at 80 thousand dollars per inmate per year to keep in jail that are none violent and could be out working instead are prosecuted because of what they put in their own body a substance that is safer than alcohol which is legal. If Marijuana is the number one cash crop that means millions of people I repeat millions of people are doing it this will mean the Government and the tax payers will have to jail 30 to 100 million people In the USA 15 million in Canada what is suppose to be a free society. I mean you do the math this will take a lot of man hours and taxes to build this many prisons and jail people who just would rather smoke pot that is safer than alcohol. Just think of a faster way to bankrupt a country the USA military can no longer sustain its forces because they are afraid to recruit people who test positive for pot. But they would recruit people who drink alcohol which is harder on the hung over solders in the field than the one that smoke pot who are not hung over and are more alert after a night of partying with pot. And in Canada were 16 million baby boomers will retire in 4 years where are you going to replace the work force with half are retire the other half in jail for pot related victimless crimes against one own self. Who will pay for the jail beds instead of the nursing home beds? And how will the Country sustain its self as a communist police state that we are to believe we are at war for freedom as we invaded Afghanistan because of one man Ben laden who is in Pakistan hiding by the USA own Intel says he is. War only give us death an destruction and takes away our freedoms and in slaves us to a police state of harassment for a victimless none violent recreation that is safer than alcohol while the drug war supports violent gangs that are mimicking the al Capone stone age of alcohol prohibition. Show us your papers communist system in disguise as freedom.

  21. JC on

    You foolish, misguided, antagonist – cannabis has been around for 1000’s of years…it’s here to stay – please get your facts straight. Millions of people consume it daily. There are no recorded deaths due to direct consumption (where are the bodies?) of this rather benign, non-addictive, natural plant – quite unlike alcohol, tobacco and most prescription drugs, right? Millions of otherwise law-abiding, tax-paying, stand-up citizens – young and old – are sick and tired of being persecuted and criminalized over the use of a simple plant – especially when government studies going back numerous decades have recommended the decriminalization of this substance.
    With the U.S. rapidly moving in a positive, logical direction in regards to cannabis – Obama Attorney General Eric Holder recently halting DEA raids on tax-paying medical-marijuana dispensaries, possession being a ticketable, non-criminal offence in some states – and the sale and tax of cannabis for recreational use being considered in others – why the sudden back-pedalling on this issue in Canada?
    A ‘mandatory’ six months in prison for *one* cannabis plant?! Where is the logic or compassion? A ‘yes’ for C-15 would be a travesty of justice!

    Here are some interesting facts for the ill-informed:

  22. Anonymous on

    If You want to write or email your MP and Rob Nicholson, You can keep it simple as well……Just write, “Please Stop Bill C-15, end the prohibition”.

  23. Anonymous on


    Hello XXXX,
    Although I’m sure your inbox won’t be inundated with emails pertaining to this subject, I believe it’s worth bringing to your attention. Recently, I heard in the news that the Conservative Government has introduced legislation that would create mandatory minimum prison sentences for marijuana. Being a 4th year student in university, I’m quite familiar with people who associate with marijuana and I simply have to say that Bill C-15 is not going to work, mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes are proven to be ineffective. Do not pass Bill C-15!
    Furthermore, having tried the drug itself on several occasions, I feel that the penalties connected to its use do not reflect it’s ACTUAL potential to harm. By passing this bill it would only increase the severity of illegal activities (as seen in Mexico, US) of which is already a growing problem for XXXX County. Again, I strongly urge you to rethink this bill, our/my government should be working to become a more progressive society; not one which is enforced by harsh criminal policies that only serve to incarcerate non-dangerous offenders, drastically affect the future of our citizens (unnecessary criminal records, jail time, etc.) and increase the financial burden set upon tax payers.
    I’m not sure what your stance is on this policy but I urge you to rethink this bill. Please take a moment to think about this email.


  24. Anonymous on

    Gone are the days when you just smoked your weed.This fighting and fussing just seems to be a hissy fit being thrown by someone who’s ultimately going to be just another weed smoker in jail:MARC EMERY.Politics won’t stop the inevitable.You’ve directed your energy in a poor fashion and you’ve given the La.w the Golden Opportunity to do what they do.

  25. Anonymous on

    So the only way to change government is to not work to change government? Trust me, I know voting is one of the least effective forms of bringing about lasting change, but that doesn’t mean it should be totally forgotten! If the government banned us from forming a party and running (like in basque) then you would have a point but all not voting does here is give the most reactionary and extreme the power, concentrating power and wealth further into the hands of the few.

    I would love to get rid of the current system, but we need to elect someone who likes the idea of getting rid of the current system. Decentralize the power, strip politicians and plutocrats from their power by turning them into figure heads, autonomy, cornelius castoriadis I am on board with all of it. But by not voting we will never get close unless Canadians turn to violent revolution and mass street protest/occupation, and believe me we are the LAST country to do this, it hurts my soul to say this but unfortunately one of this countries values is apathy.

    All I am saying is, as people who want to make the world better shouldn’t we use all the tools in our tool box? And really, a lot of the protests in north america have had less of an impact than a few votes would.

  26. Anonymous on

    Hello, as our representative I would like for you to stand against Bill C-15. The idea of mandatory time spent in jail for marijuana is in my opinion and many others I have had conversations with an absolutely absurd objective. Clearly Bill C-15 could only fill our justice system with people who are not criminals. Let’s please keep the laws for criminals for criminals. Studies for mandatory minimums have been shown not to work. I do not support Bill C-15 at any level. With an all time high percentage of people 62% who would like to see marijuana legalized, why is our government spending money on a bill like C-15. When are the people of CANADA going to be able to run this country instead of government making more laws and rules which fellow CANADIANS do not agree with.

    Thank you.

  27. Carl on

    Really!?! Thats what they want…a scared public. I wrote my letter…and it’s not the first. I love pot. I smoke it almost every day. I’ve seen it’s benafits for MS sufferers, and its great recreationally as well. It’s just a plant! A super plant! (not to mention all the uses of hemp) Write that letter! and be a proud “hemp” user…Carl Harel, Cannabis smoker. Thunder Bay, Ontario.

  28. Anonymous on

    When Canadians stop voting, actually. As long as a voted-in government exists, laws will exist, and as long as long exist, there will be laws against innocent activities. Nobody knows what the world will look like when we’ve weaned ourselves off of laws, but I’m fairly sure people would be able to find ways to deal with real (violent) crimes besides the death penalty or imprisonment. I imagine some amount of oppressive force will be necessary if someone already used force on victims, but certain principles of emotional healing and sympathy that we don’t have today would be common by then. And most criminal behaviour is produced (in desperate people etc) by laws and state/corporate power anyways.

    Oh Canada, our home and stolen land! True patriot lies, so all our sons be damned. With poisoned hearts, we close our eyes, the true north’s not that free. So fat and wide, Oh Canada, a quarter pound with cheese. God save our land from these filthy thieves. Oh Canada, we are ashamed of thee. Oh Canada, we are ashamed of thee.

    Damn, that’s a keeper…

  29. thegnu on

    So, because you’ve had a bad experience with something, it should be illegal? I think the people who are complaining aren’t looking to build an industry on the violence and suffering in 3rd-world nations. They just want to self-medicate with a medicine you didn’t like. Or they want to have fun with something other than alcohol.

    Or they have glaucoma, or AIDS or cancer, and don’t want to have to buy weed from some shady dude, and have cops pulling them over and searching their cars, and maybe end up in prison just because they bought the only substance that made their life bearable.

  30. Anonymous on

    It can take a long time for people to move forward and protect others who aren’t like themselves. Maybe the clear statements behind C-15 will inch them slightly forward, their voices a tad louder. Art, music and literature that’s been influenced by pot is celebrated and raising revenue for companies and people in many places. The terrible rage of prohibition is growing. Do their sons, daughters and aging coworkers really belong behind bars to emerge destitute for the love of a joint and a bag of chips? A Conservative government is a jail cell.

  31. nikolai on

    Sheer insanity; surely it won’t pass… Jail someone for growing ONE weed? Man, that is seriously f’ed up!

  32. Anonymous on

    Pot is poison. I smoked a ton of it, was terribly addicted to it, and it ruined my health. I am so glad I quit. The main reason why pot is so lucrative is because of it’s illegality so I don’t know why anyone would want to complain, especially the dealers. After all heres a reason it’s a billion dollar industry in canada. Making 10 bucks a gram for small piece of vegetation is absurd so theres got to be some risk involved. If you ask me nobody has the right to complain especially the people making/spending the money on it. If you grow it for yourself well thats a different story…

  33. Anonymous on

    Try going through the bill in order and citing the problems of each section of the bill.

  34. Anonymous on

    I’d like to write a letter, but isn’t that a bit dangerous? You know, them having your name and knowing you suport hemp?

  35. Justin from Toronto on

    Learn to read buddy, the guy above you is on your side.

    Maybe this is the problem with potheads, like to preach how peaceful they think they are but really you are just like those who would oppose you. I like your energy but you’re misdirected it.

    Trying getting a long with people who are on your side.

    Btw, I smoke more joints than any of you each day, but brother, no need to rant you are preaching to the choir, now go write the Justice’s and MP’s, thats where you should direct your energy.

    Learn to read not just weed.

  36. Anonymous on

    I wrote the justice minister and my MP. Lets get this curbed people! We have far to greater issues to deal with than this. Harper lucked out because there was no viable alternative party that seemed to care. Canada seemed to not care there was an election and this is what we are getting. Harper has long been ridiculous when it comes to justice, especially marijuana laws. Lets do all we can to stop this.

  37. Dave on

    I would like to write a respectfull letter to my M.P but don’t know where to start. Any points, studies etc. Anyone could link me so I write a letter that is persuasive and not one that makes me sound like another crazy pot head?

  38. colby martin on

    wow i think your an asshole for saying that your are a stupid peice of shit for even thinking the same as harper anyone that has ever smoked pot will tell you that POT is a non-violent drug, and as long as the same rules are applied to it as alcohol people would abide by those rules becuase pot heads are a peaceful group of peopl when was the last time that you heard of sumone smoking 10 joints and then killing sumone or robbing a bank YOU HAVN’T becuase pot isnt a stimulant it brings you down increases you appetite and helps millions of people around the world sleep. If marijuanna was legalized and sold by the goverment and the goverment taxed it, then there wouldnt be the need for people to be all secrative selling pot it would illiminate the use of drug dealers and police would beable to spend time on the shit gpoin on in life like ie crackheads rapist theives murderersinstead of giving us pot heads a hard time whos idea was it in the first place to criminalize pot im all for legalization of marijuanna , the privatization of prisons is only going to prove to be a bigger problem for harper and has neone even asked were he got the money from this guy is a tool shame on everyone who voted for him we already have prison problems and his solution is making more prisons HAHAHAHAHAHA wut a joke Jack layton smoked pot and now hes running the country pot obviously isnt as bad of a thing as they make it out to be id say its about the same as ciggarettes or alcohol and alcohol is totally way m ore of a gateway than pot is and if you dont beleive me than look up all theses facts yourself and do the tests yourself

  39. Peter on

    Thanks for creating this website. I have written one polite letter to Mr. Nicholson and am about to write one to my (Liberal) MP. Don’t complain…. just write!

  40. Dave K on

    Oh Canada, true North strong and f… in prison!

    When will Canadians stop voting for fascists?

  41. Anonymous on

    Wow, I hope this doesn’t go through for you guys.