Stop Bill C-15: Say No To Mandatory Jail Terms For Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE – Canada’s government, the Conservative Party, has introduced legislation that would create mandatory minimum prison sentences for marijuana. Bill C-15 won’t work! Even he USA has begun repealing mandatory minimums for drugs — so speak up, Canadians, and help defeat Bill C-15!

Bill C-15 (previously introduced as Bill C-26, then “killed” when Canada had an election) includes unjust and unfair mandatory minimum prison sentences for “drug crimes”. For example, growing one marijuana plant would mean an automatic six months in jail! Making hash is a mandatory one year in prison! All the details are very, very bad.

Click here for the entire Bill C-15 document, or go to Parliament’s official Bill C-15 webpage.

Tell your Member of Parliament to Vote No On C-15!. now has a form emailer for MPs. Click here to send an email to Members of Parliament opposing Bill C-15. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the letter, fill in the fields and click send. It’s that simple!

We need everyone to send emails to our Members of Parliament if we are going to defeat C-15!

Email your members of Parliament today!

Here are other ways you can get involved!

• Sign up today at and join thousands of Canadians in opposing the immoral and dangerous Bill C-15.

• Join the Facebook “Stop Bill C-15” group by clicking here. Read about Mandatory Minimums, why they don’t work, and other statistics and information at

• Say No To Mandatory Minimums for Marijuana! Tell your Member of Parliament: “Bill C-15 is not going to work, mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes are proven to be ineffective. Do not pass Bill C-15!” To contact your Member of Parliament, go here and enter your postal code.

• Contact Justice Minister Rob Nicholson. He introduced the legislation, and must be told that he’s made a big mistake! Be clear and polite, telling him you do not support his plan and that studies show mandatory minimums do not work.

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