Hay with no potency

At the end of the harvest the weed has a hay-like smell. The potency isn’t very good, either. I tried growing several varieties because I thought it could be just bad genes but that didn’t help. What is my problem?
I Spy Drama Queen,

The problem is that you are harvesting too soon, before the buds are ripe. You are harvesting when the stigmas are still white and moist, and before the trichomes have had a chance to fill with THC. That is a month or more before the buds are ripe. Don’t be impatient. The time to ripening is not a law printed on the seed package. That is only an approximate time frame.

Actual ripening time may vary by up to two weeks depending on factors such as the temperature, the strength of light and the type of fertilizer being used. Wait until the stigmas have dried, the seed pods have swelled and the trichomes are bulging like inflated balloons. Your harvest will be much higher in quality.

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