Ask Ed: Grow Tip – More Harvest Tips

CANNABIS CULTURE – I’ve been traveling through Northern CA and it looks like this year could be the largest harvest ever.

With government funds cut for search and seizure, and the federal government concentrating on federal lands, more people than ever will be bringing in a larger part of their crops. I predict prices will drop dramatically on outdoor bud. This will have a short-lived effect on indoor though and more THC in the forms of hash, kief, and edibles will ultimately lower prices of all products.

Still, you want to use as efficient a system as possible for manicuring the harvest. Most of the machines, in fact I should say all of the machines I have seen used for manicuring marijuana only work with fresh, not dried marijuana. So after your harvest, it would be best to keep the marijuana fresh by storing it at about 40 Degrees in moderate humidity, that way it won’t dry out and will remain fresh and then can be processed using manicuring equipment over the next week.

If you’re growing only a small amount you may be able to use a refrigerator to hold the unmanicured colas. If you need more space, you might use a room air conditioner to bring the temperature way down. Some growers might want to use either a mobile refrigeration unit, such as a refrigerated truck, or a refrigerated room. Then the marijuana will not have to be processed as soon as its harvested.

Finally, as you walk around your garden or field, you might notice that the outer portions of the buds are ripe but then looking down 4 to 8 inches, the buds on this section are not ripe. Pick no bud before its time. Clip off the ripened part of the bud, leaving the rest to ripen on its own time.

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