Training plants

How do I train my plant to develop four or more branches after I transplant?

There are many different ways of training plants. To train a plant to develop four branches just cut off all branches except for the top four. To keep them out of each other’s way use stakes or supports for each branch. If new branches start to grow, then trim them off the plant.

To develop multiple branching you can twist the plant down so what was the top of the plant no longer is higher than other branches. Then some of the lower branches will start growing vertically and producing their own side branches. The more traditional way to promote more branching is to pinch the top of the plant. When that happens, the top two branches are no longer inhibited from growing by chemical inhibitors produced by the top. After they grow a bit, the two new tops can be pruned and their lower branches will also grow. Before you know it, you have a bush.

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