Veg-a-Pipe review

The Veg-a-pipe is an amazing set of simple tools, and should be in every backpacker’s travel kit. The vegetables and fruits we tested are common all over the world, particularly on traveling trails in Asia, Central and South America.
Retail priced at $10, the Veg-a-Pipe is made up of three simple objects: a bullet shell bowl, a hollow aluminum tube of 1/8″ inch diameter and four inches in length, and a wooden poking stick of four inches in length that fits into the aluminum tubing.

We went down to the Chinese market near the CC office and bought 12 fruits and vegetables: some common, some exotic, others outlandish (so I thought).

To begin, the hollow aluminum tube is inserted into the vegetable or fruit, no more than an inch below the surface, at two points.

Then the metal bullet shell is used to punch out a larger hole. The shell is reinserted right side up to act as a bowl.

Testing your Veg-a-pipe is easy. Just suck or blow to test the airflow ? you may get some pulp or juice depending on your type of fruit or veggie, but clear it out and you’re ready to go.

Assistant editor (and centerfold model) Jodie was summoned to be the smoker of the fruits and vegetables. Graphic designer Jessica smoked the avocado, and I took a hit off the coconut pipe.

The Veg-a-pipe worked extremely well, with a few fruit exceptions, but uncommon ones at that.

We ate the pineapple, mango, and star fruit after testing them, avoiding the air tubes we had created for smoking.

Delicious summer munchies! And for those on the sly, there’s no evidence to be found.

So if you are on the move, going to festivals, or walking the beaches, the Veg-a-Pipe is a handy smoking tool! Available at hemp stores (such as the BCMP Bookstore) and, Cannabis Culture Magazine officially recommends you pick up the Veg-a-pipe!

The first score is for ease of construction; the second is for smoking use and pleasure.