Offensive odors

I live close to neighbors in an apartment complex. I have a small garden in a closet with sliding mirrored doors that is located two feet from the front door. It consists of a 400-watt lamp over five plants. My neighbor’s front door opposite me is about 38 inches away and she complains of the blunt smoke because of her asthma. These plants are only two weeks into vegetative growth and I can already smell them. The only venting the closet has is when I open the sliding doors. How can I keep the odor down?
Geoff T,

There are several things you can do to remove the offensive odor. Use a powerful negative ion generator. There are many models to choose from. Some of them are bare bones and some are more stylish consumer models. The ion generator should be placed in the entranceway rather than the grow room, or you will not just remove the odor from the room, but the actual plants will have little odor.

Most negative ion generator models will solve the odor problem. Negative ions are harmless and some studies have found them very healthful so it’s okay to use more than one to control odors. Chemical gel odor removers draw odor causing particles from the air. They can be placed in the garden area.

A negative draft pulls air away from the entranceway. You could place a fan in a window where it will pull air from the entryway to another area that is less sensitive. That way, any lingering odors not eliminated by the negative ion generator are not crossing portals to reach your neighbor. Just be sure that the area you are venting the fan doesn’t create more problems than it solves by alerting someone else to the smell.

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