Buds sprouting growth

In my last crop, my plants were looking almost ready at 9.4 weeks into flower. Then suddenly the tops sprouted lots of new flowers. The tops had one growth each. They were ready at 10 weeks. This time there are five or six on each top, and they still have several weeks to go. Do you think something may be happening with my lights or something else?
Edgeware, Middlesex, England

There are two reasons why the plants might grow new flowers or even a stem as the other flowers mature. First, some varieties respond to the lack of pollination by growing more fertile flowers that might perpetuate the plant through seeds. The other is that the buds are growing in reaction to heat from the lamps.

Perhaps the buds are a little too close to the lamps and are subject to light pollution. Converting to air-cooled lamps might solve the heat problem near the reflector.

These flowers are more of a phenomenon than a problem. If the rest of the bud is ripe, it is ready to be harvested. If the new growth is unsightly, clip it off.

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