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It’s Just a Plant
This is a book whose time has come, a book to help pot-smoking parents explain marijuana and prohibition to their kids. Beautifully illustrated and clearly written, this book introduces children to the medical and recreational uses of pot, outlines the plant’s botany and uses, and explains the history of prohibition and how activists are working to change the law.

The story begins with little Jackie waking up past her bedtime, and smelling “something funny” in the air. She finds her parents smoking a joint, and so the next day Jackie’s mom takes her on a bike ride to discuss marijuana. They visit Farmer Bob who grows organic buds, Dr Eden who explains medicinal use, and some police officers who describe the state of the laws. The story ends with Jackie declaring “When I grow up, I am going to vote so I can make all the laws fair.”

  • See More Buds

    This DVD provides clear instructions on how to set up a grow room in your own home. The “aqua mist” method they describe can produce 15 pounds every 80 days if properly maintained.

    The narrated instructions are clear, and cover everything from selecting a secure grow house, building three kinds of grow rooms, creating clones, and trimming your crop.

    Good production value, clear narration and beautiful plants make this 40 minute video fun to watch. Although a video can never be as comprehensive as a good book, this DVD provides a great deal of information and excellent video examples of the tips and tricks they recommend.

    One thing lacking from this DVD is a scene index, so that the viewer could easily skip ahead to any section. This makes finding the key parts you need to re-watch a little tricky.

  • Kog: A Grower’s Lot

    Kog is an Australian pot grower who introduces his DVD with a summary of how he got busted and spent two years in jail for cultivation. “Getting thrown into jail was the best thing that ever happened to me,” says Kog, because being incarcerated turned him into a fearless activist.

    “My life’s mission is to pass on what I have learned,” he adds, “in the hopes that I can save at least one person from going to jail.”

    Kog has already shared much of his experience and expertise in his well-received 2000 book of the same title.

    Kog is a colorful character, and his personality shines through in everything he does. Most grow videos have faceless narrators, but Kog fearlessly shows his face throughout the video. He brings the viewer along to many outdoor grows, personally showing off his massive plants in various stages of development.

    This DVD extensively covers organic outdoor growing, from seed to harvest to curing and even selling. Although the information is specific to the Australian landscape and climate, it could be easily adapted to the North American outdoor scene.

    This 50 minute DVD is well-organized with a scene index, and although the production is sometimes less than professional, the video is very informative, and Kog is fun to watch as he describes his techniques in Aussie lingo.

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