Growing outdoor plants indoors

In The Big Book of Buds you said that outdoor strains usually do not do well indoors because there usually isn’t enough light to grow them indoors. I’ve been growing Twilight from Dutch Passion indoors in eight square feet of space with a 400-watt HPS and a 430-watt Son Agro side-by-side for a total of at least 12,500 lumens per square foot. In Ask Ed you said that plants outdoors can receive up to 15,000 lumens.
The seedlings are doing well in my wick and aeroponic systems, with short thick stems and fat, rich green leaves. Do you think 12,000 lumens per square foot can sustain them long enough to grow them to maturity? The first time I grew Twilight indoors I used a 430-watt Son Agro. The plants were pretty small, but this crop is growing bigger.

Canis Virens,

The plants will grow much bigger buds than last time. The addition of a 400-watt HPS lamp almost doubles the light intensity of the garden and gives the plants energy to power explosive growth.

The plants you are growing require a lot of light and you are supplying it with about 105 watts input per square foot. Indoor plants require less energy to produce an equivalent yield.

If you were using 65 watts per square foot, the two lamps would spread out into a three-foot square space.

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