Cannabis lit.

Crossing the Rubicon

By Michael Ruppert
$22.95 US
This hefty tome, coming in at almost 700 pages of chlorine-free, recycled paper, is a detailed and convincing unveiling of many mysteries surrounding the 9/11 attacks. Author Michael Ruppert, a former LAPD officer, is well-known for his online newsletter From the Wilderness (FTW). Founded in 1998, FTW provides updates on Ruppert’s ongoing analysis of the covert government operations which control the vast sums of “drug money” which flow through the American economy.

Although it covers many of the issues surrounding the global drug war, this book takes a different focus than Ruppert’s earlier work. Subtitled The decline of the American Empire at the end of the age of oil, this volume provides exhaustive information and analysis to back up Ruppert’s claim that Vice-President Cheney helped to coordinate the 9/11 attacks. Ruppert writes that “the deepest darkest secrets of September 11 lie buried in the records of the US National Energy Development Group,” headed by Dick Cheney.

Ruppert explains how the US global empire relies on a steady source of oil, and that as world oil supplies run out the US government will be pushed to further global military interventions in an effort to secure the world’s remaining oil reserves for American use. Ruppert claims that 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq are all part of the Bush administration’s effort to accomplish this goal of ensured access to oil.

This book’s many well-documented revelations about what happened on 9/11 include how organizations including NORAD, the FAA, the Canadian Air Force and possibly the Pentagon were together conducting five war game drills on that same day. These drills, coordinated at the highest levels of these organizations, involved fictional hijacked airplanes, blips deliberately inserted into radar screens, and other confounding factors which confused and delayed recognition of the actual airplanes posing a threat on 9/11.

Ruppert is always precise about quoting his sources, and makes every effort to rely only on reliable, verifiable information. He has a gift for dealing with complex material in a clear and understandable way. This is an illuminating and informative book on the real reasons for 9/11, the war in Iraq and US foreign policy.

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The Big Book of Buds, Vol 2

Edited by Ed Rosenthal
$19.95 US

In this second volume of the classic glossy strain compilation, grow guru Ed Rosenthal takes us on a tour of over 75 strains of bud from around the world.

Interspersed with the bodacious budshots and details on each strain’s heritage, flavor and effects, are short articles covering global potfests and competitions, grow and breeding tips, the science of THC receptors and measuring pot potency.

This is a beautiful book, great for any coffee table and an indispensable resource for any grower or would-be connoisseur who wants to fantasize about all the strains out there to experiment with!

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Sell Marijuana Legally ? A complete guide to starting your marijuana business

By Wendy Little & Eric Nash
$19.95 CDN

This slim but informative book is an excellent guide to the complexities of becoming a Canadian federally licensed medical marijuana grower.

Under current Canadian law, registered med-pot users have the option of buying their marijuana from a licensed grower. The procedure for receiving these licenses is not simple, and Health Canada does nothing to make it easy for applicants. This book describes exactly how to apply for a permit, what paperwork is required, and how to properly fill out the complicated federal forms.

Along with help navigating Health Canada’s maddening med-pot bureaucracy, this book gives guidelines on how to successfully grow high-quality medical buds, and how to price and sell your product. One chapter also details the history and process of applying for the permit to grow med-pot for the federal government, currently held by Prairie Plant Systems in Flin Flon, Manitoba.

Along with those who actually want to get in on Canada’s med-pot industry, this book would also make an interesting read for anyone interested in the history and details of Canada’s current med-pot laws and regulations.

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Operation: Pipeworks
Inside the Counterculture Glass World

DVD by Masters of Glass

This 70-minute DVD provides a serious education in the production of hand-blown glass pipes and bongs. It is a timely portrait of a culture and industry reaching maturity.

Along with many lingering, loving shots of some amazingly detailed glass pipes, the video provides interviews with prominent west coast glass-blowers at a half-dozen trade shows, explaining how and why they create these colorful inhalation devices.

The most fun to watch is the extensive and detailed footage of these beautiful and functional objects being created. It is astonishing to see how the application of flame, breath and pressure can turn simple tubes of glass into entrancing works of pot-culture art.

Although some of the segues are quite silly and sophomoric, with “Dr Glass” repeatedly crushing, smashing and otherwise destroying the dreaded acrylic bongs, anyone watching this DVD will come away with an enhanced appreciation for the labor and skill involved in blowing glass bongs, as well as being able to name some of the different types of pipes and the specific techniques used to create them.

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