Cannabis lit

Spliffs: A Celebration of Cannabis CultureBy Nick Jones ? Foreword by Howard Marks

This cool, brightly illustrated six-inch square book, complete with realistic looking burn-hole on the cover, is the perfect little package of pot history, famous quotes, strain information, trivia and popular marijuana culture.

Spliffs discusses cannabis in its historical, economic, ecological, recreational and medicinal contexts while providing entertaining and thought-provoking reading with over 350 photographs and illustrations.

Joint-rolling diagrams and instructions teach smokers how to create the basic “fatty” as well as the much more advanced “windmill,” with a guide to the many varieties of pot and hashish, and how to judge which ones are best. Yummy recipes for popular ganja foods like scooby snacks, hash brownies, and pot pizza are also included.

? Workman Publishing:

The Joint Rolling Handbook 2
By Bobcat

This easy to follow instruction manual, created after years of research, shows even the clumsiest of stoners how to reproduce 26 different blunts, bombs, cones and cigars with 110 pages of detailed illustrations, tips, tricks, and wild graphics. Many hours could be easily wasted mastering the complex doobie designs contained within.

Included are methods for rolling hashish as well as pot, handy rating systems for the different joints based on difficulty and potency, legal and health information, and a section on how to judge and prepare cannabis.

Some of the names of the many joints illustrated in this handy little book are: the Secret Agent, the Ceiling Scraper, the Cohiba Blunt, the Pollen Pod, the Tulip, and the Grand Duchy.


The Annotated Hasheesh Eater
Edited and annotated by David Gross

This CD-ROM is a hypertext edition of the 1857 original by Fitz Hugh Ludlow, and is annotated with over 500 notes and many illustrations. The annotations serve to clarify such things as obscure words, archaic measurements, forgotten social customs, quotations, ancient mythology, censored information, foreign phrases, and Biblical allusions. Also included are biographical aides and editorial insight, as well as an introduction concerning the controversial nature of The Hasheesh Eater.

This comprehensive CD-ROM has additional supporting old works, such as Curious Drugs for Producing Hallucination (1850), The Vision of Hasheesh (1855), and The Apocalypse of Hasheesh (1856), among others.

This collection of information will appeal to hashish-lovers and history buffs alike.


Drug War Crimes: The Consequences of Prohibition
By Jeffrey A Miron

This powerful book by a Professor of Economics at Boston University ? whose areas of expertise include alcohol prohibition, violent crime, economic regulations and the war on drugs ? takes a critical look at how anti-drug laws play a role in creating and perpetuating violent crime.

The US government continually claims that the ill-conceived and irrational war on drugs somehow deters drug abuse, eliminates violence, and benefits the health of the greater public. But, according Miron, using criminal law to stop drug use simply does not work. In fact, Miron’s findings indicate that “the more resources given to the drug war, the greater the homicide rate.” Further, Drug War Crimes gives “a balanced analysis of the true costs and consequences” of the drug war in light of the US government’s outrageous spending to support this war.

Miron offers solutions and alternatives to prohibition, such as legalization, by carefully and precisely addressing all issues and arguments equally. According to a Senior Judge of the US District Court, John L Kane Jr, Drug War Crimes “avoids all the hyperbole of zealots willing to dispense with truth, objectivity and reason for the sake of their predetermined positions. A reasonable mind will find this book exceedingly valuable.”


Cannabis: From Pariah to Prescription
Edited by Ethan Russo, MD

This educational and timely book uses recent clinical research conducted by GW Pharmaceuticals on cannabis and cannabinoids to predict their future use as possible prescription medicines.

Genetics, horticulture, and cannabis-based medicine extracts (CBMEs) are all considered in this assessment.

The wide range of clinical studies used to explore cannabis’ practicality include: Benefits and side-effects of cannabinoids, tolerability in pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic characteristics, profiles of oral administration, sublingual administration, and the human experience with synthetic cannabinoids in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics.

Cultivation technology, cloning, strains, and new smoking alternatives such as the Advanced Delivery System (ADS) ? a device which gives specific, secure dosages ? are also discussed at length.


When Money Grew on Trees
By David Mac

Drugs, murder, suicide, and arson feature prominently in this riveting true tale of friendship, greed and betrayal.

David Mac lived the cash-crop dream, breaking the law, harvesting dollars and growing marijuana in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas ? until he tangled and joined up with corrupt sheriff (and friend of former President Bill Clinton) Ralph Baker. The infamous Baker, who taught Mac how to be an outlaw and who led a double life until his alleged suicide, is demystified during this harrowing story of the duo’s twisted journey.

The writing is superb and the book includes a photographic section depicting the various characters.



Homegrown Harvest
By Jean-Pierre Galland

This is the first cultivation book from France that has been translated into English for the international audience. Despite the harsh prohibition that France holds against publishing any information on marijuana cultivation, this book is educational and very fun to read.

Filled with beautiful, whimsical illustrations, this book explains how to grow good ganja, from seeds or clones, both indoors and out. In just 112 colorful, oversize pages, the book covers hydroponics, lighting, electricity, nutrients, hashmaking and bug control, as well as some political background and why we should be fighting to legalize the herb.

This book is a fine effort, the illustrations are excellent and the translation is well done. This is a good gift for a beginning grower, or anyone who wants to learn about the history and varied cultivation techniques surrounding this fine plant.


Cultivating Exceptional Cannabis
By DJ Short

Long-time readers of CC will recognize DJ Short as one of our best contributing grow writers. This book contains some of the same material that has been presented in these pages, combined with new techniques and tips from the ever-fertile mind of this world-renowned breeder.

DJ Short has been breeding fine marijuana for decades, and is best known for creating the famous Blueberry strain, a multiple award-winner and crowd favorite.

In this book, Short covers both cultivation and breeding. Along with specific methods to produce world-class bud and create specific strains, Short also explains how to better appreciate marijuana, including how to develop a “connoisseur palate.”

Short is a legend among breeders, and this book provides the distilled wisdom from his decades of experience. This book is highly recommended for novices and experts alike.


Cultivating Chronic Marijuana
By Jeff Mowta

While less sophisticated in design and illustration than the previous two books, this book does provide the most specific information on some of the various systems used to grow marijuana, both indoors and out.

The diagrams are less snazzy, the look of the book is less polished, but nevertheless all the information is clearly presented in technical detail. Specific lengths, measurements and equipment are given, allowing the reader to precisely recreate the exact grow systems described within.

This book is best geared for the grower with some experience, who likes to tinker with new equipment and varied techniques. Mowta is clearly a veteran of the grow scene and is eager to share the fruits of his experience with others.


Practical Cannabis Growing Guide on CD-ROM
By Brook Publishing

This CD offers some excellent information in an easy-to-read digital format. It includes a series of video presentations and image galleries along with clear, concise information on how to grow quality cannabis, including basics like cloning, sexing, grow room set-up, and seed germination.

Along with the basics, the CD includes details on how to make your own vaporizer, how to make hash, and some fun ideas on cooking with pot.

Unfortunately, the CD doesn’t take full advantage of its digital format. Although the time-lapse video of a pot seed sprouting is exciting to see, the presentation could use more hyperlinks and more video to make it more than just a growbook on disc.

This CD is for Windows only. It’s a good gift for the techno-geek in your life who wants to start growing his own.