Hope springs eternal

Spring is here and the seedlings are popping. Our Cannabis Culture readies millions of new plants across Mexico, the US and Canada for the fertile ground. Hopes of a successful harvest spring eternal every year.
This is the most crucial time of year for those rare citizens of our culture who not only are taking the plants out into the growing season outside, but who are taking our ideas of the marijuana culture out to our fellow citizens.

In the months ahead, I will be the Party Leader for the BC Marijuana Party (BCMP) here in British Columbia. Our campaign will culminate with an election on May 17, 2005, to determine the face of our provincial legislature. The BCMP has a very responsible platform focused on issues of justice, police reform and ending prohibition, as well as opposition to the current BC Liberal government’s intentions to pass new laws seizing the assets of the marijuana people (without even a conviction) and requiring retailers who sell growing equipment to register the names and addresses of all purchasers.

Our full platform can be seen at www.bcmarijuanaparty.ca. I’d like you to give a donation to the campaign (it’s a tax credit in British Columbia), and if you live in my home province, get involved and run as a candidate or volunteer to help the campaign.

The Canadian government is planning to introduce a new marijuana prohibition bill that is completely unsatisfactory, making the prohibition in Canada more punitive, yet the media promotes it dangerously as a marijuana decriminalization bill. While I’m engaged in the BC provincial election, we’ll need an army of Canadians to call and write their Members of Parliament to get this bill improved and amended. Stay abreast of the latest political intrigues in Canadian marijuana laws at the CC website forums.

If you’re not in BC, there is a world of activism coming up! The Global Marijuana March is on Saturday, May 7, 2005, around the globe (see the ad on page 2). You can locate the rally and march nearest you at www.cannabisculture.com/march.

Cannabis Culture has printed 50,000 posters and you can order some at no charge to be sent to your community to announce the rally in your area. If you need help and encouragement putting on a rally and march in your community, there is still time to contact rally organizer extraordinaire David Malmo-Levine ([email protected]) for low-cost, creative ways of holding your Global Marijuana March event.

Only days after the BC Provincial election, Cannabis Culture Magazine and Pot-TV.net will host the two-day Entheogenesis 2 conference at the prestigious Wosk Centre for Dialogue in downtown Vancouver. Writers, scientists, academics and entheonauts of all types will converge in Vancouver May 21-23 to hear an incredible array of speakers and discussions on plant and chemical psychoactives, with wonderful parties on the Saturday and Sunday nights as well. You can register to come to this remarkable event at www.entheogenesis.ca.

The pinnacle of experiences for the Cannabis Culture is the Tokers’ Bowl, held July 1-4, 2005. It’s a four-day homage and tribute to smoking marijuana while basking in the Vancouver scenery and making friends from all over North America. 25 samples of marijuana, bus trips to take you all over the Vancouver area (so many beautiful vistas to smoke at!), a smoking cruise of our wonderful harbor area, four great parties over four nights, all the food, beverages and weed you can handle, for the terrific price of $950 CDN ($750 US). Go to the advertisement in this issue on page 93, or go to www.tokersbowl.com and join me, Dana Larsen, Chris Bennett, David Malmo-Levine, John Conroy, Watermelon and other luminaries of the movement as we entertain you non-stop for four fabulous days.

As you read this, Pot-TV.net has seen its viewership watch nine million shows, all about pot! For five years and three months, Pot-TV has been streaming video shows about the marijuana culture at no charge to anyone on the planet who has an internet connection. It’s the greatest thing and is the video sibling of Cannabis Culture magazine. And since you’re reading this magazine, you should come to our portal to the online marijuana community called Cannabis Culture Online, where all the real activists in the Cannabis Culture go to keep informed, to network with other activists, to learn and share growing information and, of course, to have fun. Register and become a member of the world’s most successful activist community at www.cannabisculture.com/forums, and become a mover and shaker in your community and in the online community.

I am reminded every time I go to jail that life on the outside is precious time, not to be wasted, but savored, and used to promote the cause of justice while we are still able to do so. As I write this, activist friends of mine ? Chris Buors, Don Briere and Tim Felger ? are all in Canadian jails because of their devotion to pushing the cannabis envelope.

Chris Buors got six months for running a compassion club in Winnipeg. Tim Felger was arrested for his massive medical grow ops and is facing three sets of charges as he continues to grow thousands of plants even after he was released on bail! Don Briere was the guiding light for the incredible and now legendary Da Kine Smoke Shop that operated for four fabulous months in the summer of 2004 on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. Good guys and trailblazers all, making the world a better place. You can listen to their jail house blogs at Pot-TV.net

Spring is here. Plant the seeds of freedom. Let’s overgrow the government, shall we?

Marc Emery
Publisher, Cannabis Culture Magazine