Life choices

I’ve been using marijuana for several years and have even grown a crop. Now I’m in a huge dilemma. My dad is a customs agent. I’ve been out of college and looking for employment for over a year. My dad has forced me to take the test to be a customs agent. I was certain that I had failed. However, the results came back the other day and I passed. I guess I’m just too smart for my own good.
What do you know about customs drug testing? Can you give me tips on passing this test? Have no fear, I’m not going to be a customs agent forever. My goal is to be a fireman but there’s no way out for me now. Please help.


Think of yourself as a Customs Agent. Your job is to search through peoples’ baggage, their underwear and dirty clothes in the hope of finding a little contraband. Is this what you want to do? What if you find someone with stash? Do you turn him/her in? If not, you are breaking the law yourself. Is your life to be spent in a loveless occupation, drudging eight hours a day, accomplishing nothing, and not even having a good time?

No matter what your parents say, it’s your life. If you want to be a fireman, take that test. Don’t work at something that you find morally repugnant. Just think how much better a world we would be living in if people didn’t do things they didn’t want to, but thought they had to do.

Choose your own solutions to life’s problems. Don’t accept parents’ choices if you don’t think they’re right for you. You still have a chance. Fail the drug test.

To pass the drug test, abstain from marijuana for 30 days. See how you like it, because you’re going to be drug tested at work on a random basis and you’ll probably be too scared to smoke for fear of losing employment.

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