Wants to move out

I want to leave this corrupt country and live in Canada or Holland. I feel hunted here because I smoke marijuana and am hunted by the authorities. How do I go about that? I have only a high school education and know I will always work the average job since I have no special skills, just a good work record.
Darby Gonzo,

There are two ways to move out of the country. You can formally apply for immigrant status to both Canada and Holland. Both countries have quite selective immigration policies. They are looking for people with special skills, entrepreneurial abilities or wealth. Without special skills or money you probably don’t qualify.

Despite the official restrictions, many Americans have quietly moved to both of these countries unofficially. They find odd jobs, start businesses, or develop another way to earn a living between the cracks. Maybe you’ll marry a native, which will confer legal residency and the right to work.

The marijuana industry in both countries has a large percentage of American expatriates who brought their expertise to their adopted lands.

There are other countries that you might consider for residency in Europe and Central America. Marijuana laws are evolving all over the world so there is more choice now than there was five years ago. Before you pack up, visit the country you would like to move to. See if you really like it. You should ask yourself if you want to spend a significant portion of your life there. Then you should do a trial run.

Even if you move and decide that you really don’t like the new location, there is no harm done. You will have had life learning experiences and hopefully some good times. The worst that can happen is that you have lost your job in the States. Meanwhile, the US government’s war on humanity continues.

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