Grow Like A Pro

In collaboration with our good friends at Quick Trading. Grow Like a Pro is a compilation of Cannabis Culture’s best “how to grow pot” articles, interspersed with global grow techniques and cultural updates from areas as diverse as Jamaica, Australia, Morocco, Afghanistan, Russia and China.
Long-time readers of Cannabis Culture will recognize the stories as classics from our previous issues. Here they are presented in their “remastered” versions. All have been re-edited and updated where necessary, with designs and photos tweaked and perfected.

Fans of the flower will not be disappointed. Along with the articles by grow guru Ed Rosenthal, renowned breeder DJ Short and international photojournalist Pete Brady, among others, the book also includes a pair of stunning potshot photo galleries by talented CC pot-ographers Brady and Barge.

From seed to soil, hydroponics to aeroponics, cloning to harvest, this book contains something for everyone. It provides concise coverage and unique insights into key areas of quality ganja cultivation.

This book will be a valuable resource for casual cultivators, closet growers and big-time operators alike.

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