Growing in the garden

Can cannabis be grown in the garden with my vegetables?
West Carrollton, Ohio

Yes. Cannabis will thrive in a well-maintained vegetable garden. Vegetable gardens are grown in full sun, receive adequate moisture from rainfall, groundwater or irrigation and are supplied with nutrients through enriched soil or fertilizing.

The plants can be pruned or tied down to control their height and camouflage their distinctive shape. There are several other methods of controlling their growth.

They can be flowered early by shading them 12 hours a day. A good regimen for the blackout curtain is curtain on at 7pm and off at 7am. White/black polyethylene is an ideal material for the curtain. Use the white side out so the sun is reflected and the garden is kept cool.

Planting late in the season also shortens the vegetative growth period, as the plants are forced to flower by the increasing dark period in late summer and autumn.

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