“Good Medicine, Great Sex” by David R Ford

This is a wonderful book, an autobiography full of sex, marijuana, adventure, and unique accomplishments. David R Ford, author of the 1997 book Marijuana: Not guilty as charged, has led a fascinating life, and he crams it into almost 500 pages, also including much information about the benefits of cannabis and the tragedy of the drug war.
During his childhood, Ford saw and read the racial propaganda and misinformation that led to the passing of the 1937 Marijuana Tax Act. He describes the sad evolution of America’s drug war as it impacts on his friends and loved ones.

Ford drops dozens of famous names in the book, explaining his brief encounters with people like Gary Cooper, Henry Kissinger, Groucho Marx, and John F Kennedy.

On his TV show which ran during the 1960’s, Ford interviewed many stars, including Milton Berle, Bing Crosby, Cab Calloway, Billy Graham, Charlton Heston, and Wayne Newton. Ford describes how in many of the interviews he got his guests to publicly admit to their marijuana use.

Ford has had many bizarre and fascinating adventures during his life. For just one example, in 1959 Ford broke the world’s record for staying underwater in a deep-sea diving rig, passing 76 hours alone deep below the water in his 215-pound suit.

Ford’s life story also includes sadness and loss, such as his first wife’s descent into mental illness and eventual suicide. Ford also has his own bouts with cancer, and uses cannabis to help treat his condition.

All the way through the book, Ford shows how his use of cannabis inspired him to greater achievements and increased success. He declares his life as a testament to the benefits of the “miracle plant.” This is a compelling and fascinating book.

? David R Ford: www.davidrford.com