Medium matters

We’ve been reading about different types of plant mediums: rocks, lava, bio-dynamic compost, and others. What really matters? The medium, the nutrients and sunlight, or just the type of seeds?
The Farmer Quintet,

The purpose of the medium is to anchor the roots and hold the nutrients and water so that the plant can use them. Any medium that accomplishes this and also holds suitable quantities of air will do. Most commercial mediums, such as lava, ceramic beads, perlite, and other materials, will work well.

While the nutrients may affect the health of the plant and its growth, they have little to do with its potency. Light also affects the growth of the plant and the bud, as well as its potency to a small extent. However, the main factor affecting potency is the plant’s genetics. Both potential yield and potency are determined by the plant’s genes.

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