“Homegrower’s Manual” by Billy McCann

This is an amazingly comprehensive book which covers everything you need to know to grow, prepare, and sell marijuana. This book lives up to its bold subtitle: The definitive guide to understanding and growing cannabis.
Printed in the UK, this book includes chapters on medical, religious and historical uses of marijuana, details on urine testing and how to beat a pee test, and a “bonus chapter” about the proper use and effects Salvia Divinorum.

However, most of the book’s 358 pages are devoted to detailed instructions and advice on growing marijuana. From lighting, electricity, and nutrients, to seeds, strains and clones, this book covers every aspect of cultivation in clear detail. Recipes for ganja food and techniques for making honey oil and other extracts are also included.

This book is well-researched, easy to read and chock-full of detailed information. Homegrower’s Manual should become a key reference for use by novices and experts alike.

? Homegrower’s Manual: www.guerrilla-publishing.com