Celebrity stoners

OJ Simpson: tokes to relax
In the October issue of Playboy, OJ Simpson gave an interview where he confessed to having used marijuana to help him get over the stress of his trial. He told Playboy that, after his acquittal, he smoked marijuana in order to get to sleep.

“When I got out of jail, I kind of appreciated pot more than I ever had in my life,” Simpson said. “They used to call me Two Puffs: Two puffs, I’m home. I watch TV. Then I’d sleep like a baby.”

“My drug of choice now is Vioxx,” added Simpson, who suffers from arthritis.

The interview didn’t mention the time Simpson’s home was searched in 2001, as part of an FBI investigation into Ecstasy sales and money laundering. The Simpson house search drew reporters in droves, and was conducted as part of a two-year federal investigation, dubbed Operation X. 11 people were eventually arrested on charges of money laundering, selling Ecstasy or stealing equipment used to pirate satellite pay-TV channels.

Simpson was not arrested or charged in the case. However, an FBI agent testified that a dealer did sell Ecstasy to the retired football star, among others.

Simpson was acquitted of criminal charges in the 1994 slayings of his wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman. However, a civil jury later ordered him to pay $33.5 million to their families.

Simpson, who maintains his innocence, has vowed never to pay the judgement. Florida law protects Simpson’s Miami home against such civil judgements, and federal law protects his pension from his years in the NFL.

`You need grass? I`ll give you the family discount.``You need grass? I`ll give you the family discount.`Johnny Depp: dope dealing daddy

In an interview in the October issue of GQ magazine, Johnny Depp said that he would rather his kids get their marijuana from him than from the street.

Depp’s children are currently only two and four years old. However, Depp said that if they choose to try marijuana when they are older, he’d rather be their supplier, because with street pot you don’t know if you’re getting buds “laced with PCP.”

Depp added that while on PCP, you could end up “beating yourself in the head with a tennis racket, wearing a towel, quoting Poe, or getting that hair cut.”

Entertainment Tonight broadcast a story criticizing Depp’s apparent pro-pot stance, and so Depp said that he would refuse to be interviewed by the show’s reporters while promoting his film Once upon a time in Mexico. A spokesman for Depp told the media that Entertainment Tonight “sort of took half a quote. They ran it out of context, and it wasn’t what the story was saying. He wasn’t happy with them.”

Depp, who also recently starred in Pirates of the Caribbean, got his start on TV’s 21 Jump Street. Depp played officer Tom Hanson, who led a team of police officers who went undercover in high schools, busting pot dealers and other teen criminals.`You need grass? I`ll give you the family discount.`