Start indoors or out

Is it best to sprout seeds indoors and transplant them outdoors or just sow them directly in the ground? After they start growing do you just let nature take its course or do you baby them like indoor plants? When is the best time to start an outdoor garden?
The Grim Reefer,

It all depends. Plants that survive germination and the first few weeks of outdoor living will probably grow larger than plants germinated indoors. But that first assumption, surviving the first few weeks, is not always easy to assure. Further, it is much more efficient to plant only female clones, and they are produced indoors.

Indoors or out, marijuana plants need water, nutrient, light, CO2 and a well-drained medium. As long as those needs are well met, the plant will thrive. If you are fortunate, it requires little effort to supply them to the plant. Some growers must go to great lengths to supply the plants with satisfactory conditions.

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