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Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold ? Trash to Stash
Grow guru “Ask Ed” Rosenthal has managed to find the time between growing med-pot and standing trial to also write a new book, published by his company Quick Trading.

Called Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold ? Trash to Stash, Ed’s new volume is a handy and useful guide to capturing the 10-15% of plant resins found in the trim and leaves.

Beginning with sorting your leftovers into the “trash hierarchy” Ed takes us on a tour of ganja goodies, including kief, hashish, waterhash, tinctures, capsules and ganja food. Ed shows the reader how to produce high-grade pot products from a bag full of leaves and trim.

As with all of Ed’s books, the instructions are clear and concise. Every chapter includes contact information and websites for the businesses and products he discusses. There’s also lots of black and white illustrations and photos, along with eight pages of full-color pictures.

The book even contains a chapter on vaporizers, explaining how they work and including useful descriptions and reviews of 10 different models.

Ed’s book provides an excellent guide for anyone wondering what to do with their extra trim!

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New School Outdoor Marijuana Cultivation 100 & New School Indoor Marijuana Cultivation 101

These two new books from first time author Jeff Mowta claim to help you get the fastest, most productive and fool-proof crop you could ever want.

The outdoor guide covers the basics of outdoor cultivation, as well as the creation of some fairly complex outdoor hydroponic and aeroponic systems. Mowta also describes many common plant predators and insects, and how to defeat them.

The indoor volume is mostly focused on the construction and maintenance of the indoor grow room, covering options for hydroponics, soil, aeroponics, nutrients, lights and electricity. Both books contain identical closing chapters on harvest, curing, breeding and composting.

Although the computer diagrams are somewhat low-resolution, the black and white photos of plants and equipment are generally decent and clear.

These two books provide an interesting perspective and some fresh insights on how to grow our favorite plant.

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Grow Dutch II: Secrets of Dutch Marijuana Cultivation

This documentary-style video provides an excellent introduction to the Dutch pot scene.

With friendly narration and good production values, the hour-long Grow Dutch II accurately and concisely explains Holland’s cannabis history, as well as their current laws and social mores surrounding the herb.

The video includes detailed grow advice, an example of a typical Dutch grow room, and perspective from Dutch growmeister Wernard Bruning. In 1973 Bruning opened one of Holland’s very first and most influential coffeeshops, the Mellow Yellow. He combines decades of grow experience with strong political beliefs.

The video takes the viewer through the life cycle of the plant, from seeds and sprouts to harvest and curing, plus a quick look at advances in modern hashmaking technology.

While not as comprehensive as a good grow book, Grow Dutch II is a great introduction to the joys of cannabis, the advantages of Dutch pot policy, and a basic foundation upon which to start your first grow.

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