Genetic expectations

Last summer I grew several different plants and after choosing the best plant, I brought it inside and regenerated it after harvest. I kept the clones alive all winter and plan to grow this exact same plant this year. Can I expect the same results?
Chris T.,
Parrsboro, Nova Scotia

You can expect somewhat the same results. The growth patterns, potential for yield, ripening time, basic flavor, plus the type and intensity of high are all programmed in the genes. You have preserved these genetics since a clone is an exact genetic duplicate of the “mother plant” from which it was taken.

The environment is the variable factor.

Each year, the weather is different. Rain, temperature, sunshine and other variables affect the yield, bouquet and intensity of the bud, just as with wine grapes or any crop. One determinant of strength is the number of clear days during the last three weeks of bud formation.

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