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This Thai hybrid carries the trait of a long thin bud.This Thai hybrid carries the trait of a long thin bud.The question in issue #42 was:
What is the fastest ripening plant you’ve encountered? How fast did it ripen from flower forcing? Did you use a special technique to harvest earlier? Was the yield affected?

I did not receive any appropriate replies to the expert question from issue #42 in time for the deadline, so I decided to go direct to the source and talk of expertise on this question. I called some breeders and asked them about their fastest maturing varieties.

Dr Greenthumbs specializes in outdoor varieties. He recommends Niagra VE. It is a very short season strain. It grows three to five feet in height when it is planted in mid-May through early June. It ripens in late August or early September in the northern tier (Canadian-US border region), late August in the mid-tier (middle US) and will produce smaller plants that ripen early in the southern states.

In the northern tier where it has the most time in vegetative growth stage and develops its largest size, it yields 200-300 grams per plant. The colas are spike-like and shoot up from a central stem with little side branching. It has a harsh, earthy taste and produces a body and head stone, a soporific high with serious munchie effects.

Homegrown Fantaseeds Top 44 is Homegrown’s preferred fast ripening strain. It has short thick buds, smells skunky, is an above average yielder and is easy to grow so it’s a good plant for a novice. More info on Top 44 under Nirvana.

KC Brains recommends Leda Uno, which is an outdoor plant that grows up to 12 feet tall, showing its Sativa dominance. It’s a heavy yielder and ripens in mid-September in the northern tier, early September in the mid-tier and late August in the southern tier. It produces a more intellectual, psychedelic high.

Nirvana’s Top 44 matures in 44 days. It is used by commercial suppliers because it matures fast, is a good yielder and produces potent bud. Its ancestors are Skunk #1, Afghan, and an early greenhouse variety called Viking. It has been stable for many years and is particularly mold and bug resistant. The finished product is very pungent and super stoney, much heavier than a normal skunk.

Paradise Seeds said that one of their fastest plants is Amsterdam Flame, which matures in 50-55 days. It is an Indica and is a medium to heavy producer. It is very potent, producing a relaxing body high. It has a fruity taste and aroma with a hint of strawberry.

Sagamartha mentioned a new variety Supersonic that was developed indoors in Sweden. It matures in 42-44 days. It’s an Indica hybrid and has some Ruderalis in it because it wants to flower.

Sensi Seeds recommends Hash Plant as their early pick. The buds mature in about 45 days. It is a hybrid of several Indicas. It has a skunky odor and strong Indica taste and high. It’s an easy plant to grow indoors and outside, where it finishes very early. It clones easily.

Serious Seeds says their fastest variety is the AK 47. It matures in 55 days. The plant is bushy and medium-sized. It is mostly Indica but is a hybrid. The bulky buds are very crystally. The strong odor is a combination of skunky and fruity. There are few leaves on the bud. This is an indoor only plant.

Soma of Soma Seeds said his fastest variety was the Reclining Buddha. It matures in nine weeks. Its buds are popcorn size and very dense and hard. The hairs turn red at five weeks, but it continues to make crystals for another four weeks. The plant has slight branching. Instead, it produces four or five long branches. The plant is a moderate yielder, but makes up for it in its fine quality.

It is mold resistant because of the small, tight buds. Outdoors it is a late plant. In the northern tier of the US and southern Canada it matures at the end of October. In the mid-states it ripens about the third week of October. In southern states it ripens in the first or second week of October. It has a very uplifting high and a delicious fruit-like flavor. Sometimes the buds taste like a cherry lifesaver.

This Thai hybrid carries the trait of a long thin bud.Here is the new expert question:

When growing from seed, how do you determine which young plants to continue growing? Describe why these factors are important for your selection.

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