Bubbler for wick system

I have a wick system and was wondering if I need to add an air bubbler to my reservoir. The roots have grown down the wicks and have a couple of inches that are not in the water. I use a fan that blows fresh air onto the entire system.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The roots have followed the wicks down to the reservoir and are now growing in the water. These roots look different than roots growing in the soil. They don’t grow “root hairs,” small extensions that grow from the main root in order to absorb non-mobile nutrients. Instead these roots are thicker and are designed to take in plentiful water and nutrients.

Roots need oxygen in order to thrive. The water roots are being supplied with oxygen by the section following the wick through the air into the water. These roots are kept moist by the wick but have plenty of contact with the air. Even so, a bubbler can only help the situation by oxygenating the water. This way, the roots will get oxygen from the upper roots as well as directly from the reservoir.

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