Cannabis for multiple sclerosis

What is the best strain/type of marijuana to grow for a person with multiple sclerosis?
We have applied for a license to possess and grow; Health Canada allows us 10 plants a year for personal use only.

Gary Woodsworth
Garibaldi Highlands, British Columbia

GW Pharmaceuticals, a British pharmaceutical company centered on natural cannabinoid medicines, sponsored a third stage experiment on 13 patients with multiple sclerosis. Dr. William Notcutt, an anaesthesiologist at James Paget Hospital, Norfolk, West Virginia ( gave each of the patients a spray containing THC, CBD, CBD-THC, or a placebo. The patients in the double-blind study (neither doctor nor patient knew what the patient was receiving) received each of the four treatments for two two-week periods. Overwhelmingly, the patients reported that the mix of THC and CBD was the most efficacious. Equatorial varieties, the strong Sativas, contain mostly THC and very little CBD.

An Indica variety is most likely to contain CBD as well as THC. Indicas produce a stronger body high, not a light and airy one. Many companies feature these varieties.

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