War and peace

This summer was a long one for the team at Cannabis Culture, as our rapid growth and expansion presented new and unexpected challenges for us to overcome. Yet we havepersevered and succeeded in achieving some great results.

At issue #33, one year ago, we were a 92 page magazine. That total has steadily increased, and with this issue we’ve reached 120 pages, including the cover and centrefold. Our ad sales are up, our circulation is climbing, our subscribers are increasing. The third issue of our new German-language edition Cannabiskultur will be hitting European newsstands in late November. And watch for our second special “Best Of” edition to hit the stands on December 9!

Yet along with the many positive developments in the world of marijuana activism, our planet seems to be developing into a more dangerous place.

As the issue goes to press it seems increasingly likely that America will launch major military strikes against Iraq, regardless of whether they can gather UN support. While some might think that this has little to do with marijuana and pot culture, it is certain that the worldwide drug war is a major cause of violence and political instability around the planet.

We have received complaints from American readers and even distributors, who charge that we have become too “anti-American” in our articles and content. Although it’s true that our staff is mostly based in Canada, we are not against the people of any nation. Yet it is undeniable that the American government is the architect of the global drug war, and the American government is the primary backer of anti-drug police and military actions around the globe.

If Americans want their country to truly possess the moral superiority they claim over other nations, they must first end their entrenched War on Drugs. And those nations which oppose America’s militarism might do well to look to their own drug-war policies, and question why they allow the abuse of their own peaceful citizens while decrying America’s actions.

The worldwide drug war taints all nations, making hypocrites of those who speak of freedom and justice.

Let us end the drug war, and launch an age of peace, pot and prosperity for all!

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture