Celebrity stoners

Brad Pitt: open about his stoner desires.Brad Pitt: open about his stoner desires.Jennifer Aniston: open about her stoner desires.Jennifer Aniston: open about her stoner desires.In recent months a whole constellation of Hollywood’s brightest stars have either been caught with pot, made movies with marijuana references, or gone on record backing an end to the drug war.
Theron’s apple bong

Charlize Theron made an appearance in the National Enquirer while toking from an apple bong. Photographs show Theron, star of films including The Cider House Rules and Sweet November, sucking on the apple during a backyard party in her Los Angeles home, then having a giggle-fit after exhalation.

Unfortunately, instead of staunchly defending her client’s right to suck smoke from the fruit of her choosing, Theron’s publicist Heidi Schaeffer had “no comment” on the event.

While we appreciate Theron’s desire to get baked without it being a public spectacle, at Cannabis Culture we prefer our canna-celebrities right out of the closet, like Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Although neither qualifies for celebrity canna-activist status like Woody Harrelson, both have been outspoken for their appreciation of fine herb.

Pitt, who earned fame with tokers everywhere with his role as a honeybear bong sucking slacker in 1993’s True Romance, has appeared in public wearing a T-shirt that reads “I live for hemp,” and also in a sweater with a large pot leaf emblazoned on it. As for Aniston, she isn’t ashamed to be a toker, telling the media “I enjoy it once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that. Everything in moderation ? I wouldn’t call myself a pothead.”

Charlize Theron: caught sucking an apple in the privacy of her own backyard pool party.Charlize Theron: caught sucking an apple in the privacy of her own backyard pool party.JR on LSD

Some surprising tales of pot use and acid trips were to be found in the recently released autobiography of Larry Hagman, known for his portrayal of Captain Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie and JR Ewing on the blockbuster series Dallas. In his new book, Hello Darlin’, Hagman describes the first time he tried pot. “I was down in Acapulco, and [Jack Nicholson] said, ‘You’re drinking too much,’ and he was right. So he said, ‘Smoke this stuff,’ and I did, and it opened me up to a lot of things too. It’s a calming drug. It’s not a drug; it’s an herb.”

Although Hagman says he no longer tokes and is on a “12-step program,” he explains that marijuana “is benign compared to alcohol. When you come right down to it, alcohol destroys your body and makes you do violent things. With grass you sit back and enjoy life.”

Hagman also explained how he came to try LSD in 1967, during the height of I Dream of Jeannie: “Peter Fonda took me to see Crosby, Stills, and Nash. After the show we went backstage and visited David Crosby. Before we left, David handed me a handful of tabs. This wasn’t ordinary LSD. It was the purest acid available, made by Stanley Owsley, the famed underground chemist from San Francisco.”

Larry Hagman: opening up his mind with potent LSD. Larry Hagman: opening up his mind with potent LSD. Hagman even describes his psychedelic visions, including octopus-like creatures, lions with feathers, and seeing his long-dead grandmother. He explains that “LSD led me into having no fear of death, because you’ve been there, done that, and it ain’t so bad. Matter of fact, it’s wonderful.”

Hagman’s views on psychedelic prohibition? “LSD is illegal because it opens up your mind to all kinds of facets of existence, and that’s frightening for every government. I don’t blame them.”

Harry Pothead

Marijuana also turned up in the movies, sometimes in surprising places. Of course there was plenty of toking in How High, the smokin’ comedy starring hip-hop rappers Method Man and Redman as two chronics whose love of weed leads them to shake up Harvard.

 Jack Nicholson: giving sage advice in Acapulco. Jack Nicholson: giving sage advice in Acapulco.But few predicted that blockbuster film and book series Harry Potter would spawn countless “Harry Pothead” parodies, including a three-minute animated spoof titled Harry Pothead and the Magical Herb, available on the Internet.

Although the film has no direct references to pot, the term “muggles” is used to describe non-magical people. Strangely, this word has become a key point in a lawsuit launched by an author named NK Stouffer, who claims that Harry Potter author JK Rowling plagiarized her earlier works, which included a character named Larry Potter who learns to use magic, and also used the word “muggles,” although to describe dwarf-like beings.

Stouffer claims that she created the word “muggles,” and in 1992 she had objected to Steven Bochco naming a character “Muggle” in his animated cartoon series Capitol Critters. Rowling also claims that she invented the word muggles. “‘Muggles’ is a twist on the English word mug, which means easily fooled,” she told the media. “I made it into ‘muggles’ because it sounds gentler.”

Louis Armstrong: The original Muggles, despite claims to the contrary.Louis Armstrong: The original Muggles, despite claims to the contrary.But “muggles” can actually be traced back to the 13th century as a Kentish word for “tail,” and more famously the word was used by 1930’s jazz musicians to refer to a marijuana cigarette. Reefer-smoking jazz great Louis Armstrong titled one of his records Muggles as a tribute to his favorite herb.

Oddly, Stouffer’s books also have many prominent references to a “Purple Haze,” leading some wits to speculate that she could face a lawsuit herself, from the estate of Jimi Hendrix.

Although the term cannot be trademarked, Warner attempted to shut down a website offering clothing with words including “muggles” on it, alleging trademark violation. For reasons we can only speculate, Warner Brothers specifically asked theater managers not to use the word “muggles” when promoting the Harry Potter film.

Now revealed: pointy hats make a great place to stash your bong!Now revealed: pointy hats make a great place to stash your bong!JRR Tokin’

Not to be outdone, magic fantasy film The Lord of the Rings also has some strange cannabis connections.

Actor Nathan Crombie, who plays one of the many killer orcs in the film, boasted in the media that he had smoked phat joints every day on the set in New Zealand.

“New Zealand has some of the strongest grass in the world,” said Crombie, who explained that he and other extras climbed to the top of a tower on the set to toke up. “Thunderweed blows your mind away.”

Crombie said that he was careful not to get caught by director Peter Jackson, although Frodo and the wizard Gandalf would likely have sympathized. In the film and books, the Hobbits place great importance upon the “art” of smoking “pipe-weed.” In one scene, the wizard Saruman criticizes Gandalf for being an avid smoker, telling him “The halflings pipe-weed has slowed your mind.”

Today`s youth: hopped up on muggles.Today`s youth: hopped up on muggles.Prince of pot

The Harry Pothead situation also spilled into Buckingham Palace, as Prince Harry, third in line to the British throne, became dubbed “Prince Harry Pothead” after his pot-smoking ways were revealed in the media.

According to media reports, young Prince Harry, who turned 17 in September 2001, would carouse with his friends at the local Rattlebone Inn, then bring them back to his father’s palace at Highgrove. There, in a soundproof basement lair dubbed “Club H,” Harry entertained his pals with a well-stocked bar and phat joints.

British tabloid News of the World broke the story on January 13, 2002, about eight months after the fact, under the headline “Harry’s Drugs Shame.” According to the paper, household staff had noticed the smell of pot and finked on the young prince.

The tabloid revealed that Prince Charles had taken his son for a day-long visit to Featherstone Lodge, a “rehabilitation centre” for heroin users. Prince Harry got a former heroin user as his “buddy” for the day, and “heard stories of addicts moving from cannabis to cocaine and heroin.”

Today`s youth: hopped up on muggles.Charles and eldest son William then had “a long talk” with the youngest prince, and convinced him to promise to swear off of pot forever. Prince Harry is also now proudly “virtually teetotal,” wisely drinking only when he isn’t planning to drive as well.

Interestingly, while he was smoking pot, Prince Harry had passed 12 “O levels” at Eton, one more than his straight-edge older brother, who is widely regarded as the brighter.

Despite his harsh treatment of his son’s toking ways, Prince Charles doesn’t seem opposed to the use of cannabis as medicine. In December 1998 and again in May 2000, Charles publicly asked elderly multiple sclerosis sufferers if they had tried marijuana. “Have you tried taking cannabis? I have heard it’s the best thing for it,” Charles asked a wheelchair bound woman while touring a medical facility in 1998.

Before Bonnie Prince Harry was caught toking up, the last confirmed report of pot-smoking on royal ground was in 1965, when the Beatles fired up a doobie in the Buckingham palace bathroom before meeting Her Majesty.

Prince Charles could easily have foretold his son’s future pot-smoking ways had he been more hip to the astrological influence of pot-culture slang. Prince Harry was born at precisely 4:20pm.Today`s youth: hopped up on muggles.

? Harry Pothead and the Magical Herb: www.harrypothead.tv