The growing revolution

In this very special issue of Cannabis Culture you will find only the best articles on growing marijuana from the past seven years of our magazine.
Growing marijuana is a revolutionary act. The war against cannabis is a war of extinction – the goal of our enemies is to eradicate cannabis and other magical plants from the face of the earth. Without people willing to take the risk of cultivating cannabis, our culture, our movement, our hopes for freedom, would all be ended.

Yet although cannabis is the most persecuted plant on the planet, it is also the most widely cultivated. Cannabis is grown on every inhabited continent, indeed it can be found in every single city on earth, something that can be said for no other plant species.

Our magazine’s title, Cannabis Culture, is a subtle pun, for “culture” means to cultivate and grow a plant. The first cannabis culture was done by those early humans who discovered the many benefits of this most valuable plant, and began consuming its flowers, using its fibers and planting its seeds in preparation for next year. Many researchers believe that cannabis was among the very first plants cultivated by humans, and thus those who grow cannabis today can proudly claim that they are part of an unbroken chain of cannabis cultivators which stretches back far into prehistory.

Although the basics of cannabis cultivation have remained unchanged for millennia, growing this plant is more art than science, with a wide variety of techniques and styles available for the modern grower. From indoors to outdoors, seeds to cuttings, soil to hydro and sea of green to 20 foot plants, there are countless ways to produce the phat buds full of delicious resins which we all desire.

The world needs kind buds now more than ever. I hope that this volume inspires you to grow some great ganja, and to share it with those in need.

May your plants bring you joy both in growth and consumption. May your garden be invisible to those who would harm it. May your buds be sweet and your harvest plentiful.

To the day that all plants can grow in freedom,

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture