Death spray

I recently misted one of my plants with a spray bottle that I later learned had been contaminated by some kind of cleaning spray. The plant was in its third week of flowering. I misted the plant for three days before I could tell that something was going wrong.
The leaves that were soaked with the spray are now turning yellow and drying out. New growth on the plant appears to be unaffected.

Should I trim away all leaves that were affected, including the ones that are only half-affected, or just leave it and see how strong the weed is?

Fellow Stoner
Bay Shore, New York

Remove all of the affected leaves, even if they are only partly damaged, as soon as new unaffected growth begins to develop. Do not smoke any buds that have been sprayed. Only the new growth should be used.

The spray was probably a concentrated solution of detergent, cleanser and bleach. It killed the parts of the plant that it touched but did not translocate to other areas of the plant.

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