Seven years of cannabis

Welcome to issue number 36 of Cannabis Culture magazine. If this is your first issue, then welcome aboard! And if you are a faithful reader then welcome back! I hope you are ready for an exciting time in 2002.
This issue marks the seven year anniversary of Cannabis Culture Magazine. Our first issue was released in April 1995 ? 80 pages, black and white with a color cover, and printed entirely on hemp paper. For our first three years we were called Cannabis Canada, but our ever increasing international focus brought us to change our name in 1998.

We now sell the bulk of our issues in the US, yet we have an ever-increasing international readership, especially in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe.

In the coming year we will be further increasing our international reach with the launch of a German-language edition, Cannabis Kultur ? a mix of translated and new material for the German-speaking ganja smoker. Our greater European presence will also help us to continue bringing the best international news to our North American readers.

Despite the fact that the global marijuana movement is now more organized and with greater public sympathy than ever before, these are worrisome times for pot-people. We are seeing “anti-terrorist” laws enacted which will no doubt be used against peaceful ganja growers as well. With countless examples of government drug-war excess to prepare us, we can expect a new wave of assaults as the new laws come on line.

Yet it is more important now than ever that we stand firm in our determination to end the war on cannabis and free our beloved planet from the ravages of international warfare over growing certain plants and consuming their extracts.

Within these pages is a simple message, yet it is one that is feared and hated by governments around the world. Cannabis is a beneficial plant, a healing herb, and the war against cannabis and other sacred plants is harmful, immoral and unnecessary. Cannabis Culture will proclaim these simple facts, loud and clear, until our plant is free and the war is over.

I love marijuana! And I bet you do too. So why don’t you join me in telling the world that marijuana is good, and prohibition is wrong?

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture