Many readers have asked us to provide information about being happy, healthy members of the cannabis culture. Beginning with this issue, Pete Brady will be discussing some of these questions. Pete has a master’s degree in counseling, and several years’ experience listening to the concerns of pot people and doing marijuana journalism.
We welcome your questions, which can be sent to [email protected].

Cannabis kids

Dear Cannacounselor,

I worry about whether children should use marijuana, or even be around people who use it. What do you think?

Akron, Ohio

Coptic kids toking in church: how young is too young?Coptic kids toking in church: how young is too young?Research by Dr Melanie Dreher, who heads the University of Iowa School of Nursing, found that cannabis use by pregnant moms in a rural setting, as well as parentally-administered medicinal use by toddlers and pre-adolescents in Jamaica, had no negative impacts (CC#15, Dr Melanie Dreher, Reefer Researcher). In fact, one of Dreher’s studies found children of ganja-using mothers were better off than babies born to non-ganja using mothers (CC#16, Ganja Mothers, Ganja Babies).

Several indigenous African tribes allow children as young as three years old to freely smoke cannabis. Anthropological documentary films show very young tribe members smoking pot, then climbing 60-foot trees or sprinting after game in a dense forest.

These examples of kids’ benign use of cannabis don’t prove all kids can safely use cannabis. And if some children get in trouble using cannabis, that doesn’t prove cannabis is bad for all children.

Adults should carefully monitor children’s intake of all substances, including junk foods and prescription drugs like Ritalin. They should also scrutinize the indoctrination served up via mainstream television and other Babylon mind controllers.

Decisions about whether and when children can use marijuana should be made cautiously, by consensus, after carefully investigating how best to help young people follow their highest path and enjoy the exhilarating rush of youth.

Dealing with moochers

Dear Cannacounselor,

Two years ago I started growing pot. Now everybody comes over to smoke what I grow. They demand I share my weed with them. It costs a lot for grow supplies and I live with a lot of fear. My friends get upset when I tell them I can’t always be the one filling the bowl.

Closet Cultivator, USA

It’s fun to smoke your friends out, and it sure saves them some money, but are you obligated to share your pot? I don’t think so.

Growing marijuana is a service and a joy, but it’s also a life-altering occupation. Your friends should respect your sacrifices; they shouldn’t expect you to freely provide the fruits of your labors.

Try telling folks you’ll be happy to get them high whenever you feel like it, but that you’d like them to get you high too. Or maybe some of them could share horticultural duties in another location.

Maybe your friends could trade services. One grower I know pays her massage therapist with buds.

It’s good that you’re concerned about security risks. Too many growers have an “intuition” that they are in danger, do nothing about it, and then get busted.

If your friends all know you grow pot, you already have a security problem. It’s time to move to a new cultivation location, keep it secret, and lose those toking “buddies” who come over empty-handed, saying “Dude, can I smoke some of your dank?”

Feeling guilty?

Dear Cannacounselor,

I read about incredible activists in your magazine. I feel guilty – I have a regular job and a family and can’t give up my life for marijuana legalization. What can a “normal” person do to help the cause?

Ontario, Canada

You help the cause when you support our awesome advertisers, especially Marc Emery Seed Sales, and follow Emery’s lead by contributing to legal defense funds and individuals or groups who are doing good work. Most of the activist groups involved in trying to end the drug war are cash-strapped, so even a $20 donation can go a long way.

Also, growing high quality marijuana helps ensure that our troubled planet has a more adequate supply of superb herb for enjoyment and healing.

By being a good employee, a wise parent, a compassionate member of your community, you help the cause. By participating in drug reform debate you further the re-education needed to convince people that marijuana users don’t deserve persecution.

Check out the media articles posted every day at They always contain the newspaper’s email address so you can send a response. Writing one letter to the editor a week is a great way to make your voice heard.

You don’t need to feel guilty if you are doing what you can to help.