Captain Jackson

Photo: BongcasterPhoto: BongcasterRipping apart killer iguanas? Taking on a giant half-scorpion/half-man after hitting the local disco? Puffing down massive bong-loads of chronic? It’s all in a day’s work for Captain Jackson, the hero of a zany three-part series available on the Internet.
Captain Jackson is the alter-ego of Eddie Spender, a professional disco dancer who needs a bong-hit to take on his super-heroic persona. The shows are a hilarious and bizarre parody-style collage of humour, including plenty of swearing, breasts and bloody cartoon violence.

Now Captain Jackson’s producers are in negotiations with Comedy Central, the same company that brought South Park to the late-night TV screen.

Cannabis Culture had the opportunity to speak to Sam Maccarone, who plays Captain Jackson and co-writes the scripts with friend Dian Bachar. Maccarone did bit parts in Saved by the Bell and the movie Clueless before he began a career directing music videos for MCA. Maccarone agreed that my comparison of Captain Jackson to Monty Python was fitting, but preferred likening it to Spy vs Spy meets Cheech and Chong.

“Cheech versus Chong,” he laughed. “Or like a live cartoon. Like a Bugs Bunny cartoon, Eggbert [the villain]is always trying to come up with new ways to kill the Captain. In one of the episodes Eggbert makes a deal with the devil? sells his soul to take down Eddie, Captain Jackson’s not-so-secret identity.”

These scenes are the key to Captain Jackson’s bawdy humour. Like when Iguana Man slings trained-to-kill iguanas at Jackson. Or the episode where arch-villain Eggbert plans to fuse his body with a giant scorpion, and the mad-scientist involved breaks the news that scorpions have their anus’ on the right side of their bodies? which will mean some adjustments.

What made Eggbert so desperate to destroy the discotheque-dancing super-dude that he would tear himself a new asshole? During our interview, Maccarone shared some of the history behind the series: “Eddie and Eggbert were best friends in high school. Then Eddie fucked Eggbert’s mom one night and that pretty much wrecked that friendship!”

As Captain Jackson gets set to possibly go big-time with Comedy Central, Maccarone reflects on how important it was for to him to stick to his principles when offered a contract for his film by other producers in the past.

“We wouldn’t take the drugs out so they fired us. They wanted to water it down so bad? they wanted me to take a drink of Pepsi to transform. It would have been totally different, so we got the hell out of there.”

Their Internet exposure, including being featured on Pot-TV, was essential to finding their audience. “There’s pot and drug references throughout the show,” says Maccarone. “I think you have to smoke a lot of pot to get it.”

Captain Jackson features a cast of experienced actors and well-known personages. Eggbert Stevens is played by Dian Bachar, who starred in cult classic Orgazmo, (from South Park co-creator Trey Parker). Doctor Screwloose ? the mad scientist who fuses Eggbert with a scorpion ? is played by Denis Fimple, a veteran who starred in King Kong and recently appeared as Grandpa Death in the new Rob Zombie flick that Universal Studios apparently backed out of because of its “visceral tone and intensity.”

Legendary marijuana activist Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears no Clothes, was set to play Eddie’s father, but recently suffered a stroke. Eggbert’s sidekick is played by Salim Grant, who played a role in LA Confidential. Captain Jackson’s sidekick, Billy Hill, is played by Preston Lacey from MTV’s Jackass. Maccarone says “a porn star” will be chosen to play “Robot Mommy.”

“In the film, Eggbert needs to suck Robot Mommy’s tits to calm down,” he explained.

The full-length movie is expected to be completed by 2002. Meanwhile, the entire three-part series can be ordered on videotape or viewed online at Bongcaster

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