Ed Rosenthal launches new book

Ed Rosenthal`s Big Book of BudsEd Rosenthal`s Big Book of BudsWhen Ed Rosenthal smoked his first joint in 1966, he had no idea that he would one day be running a publishing empire that helps people “overgrow the government” by cultivating and using marijuana.
Rosenthal’s multi-faceted “Quick” publishing companies now offer a huge catalog of books, many of them written by Rosenthal, that provide the latest information on cannabis, other entheogens, law, history, and the sociocultural aspects of marijuana.

Rosenthal teamed with Mel Frank to produce the Indoor-Outdoor Marijuana Growers’ Guide in 1974, but Rosenthal has just released a pioneering work – The Big Book of Buds – that boldly goes where no marijuana books have gone before.

“We wanted to make a book that would interest anyone, not just people who grow marijuana or make it the main focus of their lives,” explained Rosenthal while he smoked joints rolled from tightly-formed, crystally buds in his Northern California office. “The Big Book of Buds was produced by a hard-working team of people who went on international expeditions and conducted in-depth research to bring readers the cutting edge of cannabis in a book that will appeal to growers, connoisseurs, casual users, and the general public.”

Rosenthal’s team has created a visually gorgeous gourmet volume loaded with well-organized thematic units that highlight breeding techniques, marijuana history, worldwide cannabis lore, marijuana pioneers, and ways to improve the quality of your smoke and your stone.

The book features easily understandable graphic icons that tell readers about the taste, smell, flowering time, origins, and psychoactive effects of the world’s best marijuana. It also contains chapters by Cannabis Culture editor Dana Larsen (who writes about Canada’s marijuana scene), and by professional growers and breeders like Holland’s “Soma,” who writes entertainingly about the “51 different mother plants” that he grows for his genetic research program in Amsterdam.

The Big Book of Buds is thorough and visionary, explaining cannabis traditions, botany and growing techniques from Mexico, India, the Caribbean, Australia, Europe, South America and North America.

Want to find out how bud varieties get their names? Rosenthal’s book provides an example of a grower who went searching for a variety that tasted like chocolate. Interested in knowing which varieties work well outdoors, under normal indoor conditions or in sea of green gardens? Rosenthal tells you how much bud you will produce using specific cultivation methods for specific varieties. His two decades of experience as the world’s numero uno grow guru (often imitated but never equaled) lend the book a reliability, breadth and credibility that has already made it a “bible” for many serious growers and seed breeders. It contains a hefty reference section, a glossary, and a visually appealing layout that makes it easy to read and remember. DJ Short and other cannageniuses helped Rosenthal design artistic sections that explain marijuana characteristics innovatively and with unusual clarity.

On the book’s front cover is a gorgeous, razor-sharp photo of a glandular flowerific miracle graced by red hairs and purple lips. The feminized sexual nature of cannabis sinsemilla is showcased in the book’s excellent color reproductions of photos from the world’s best marijuana photographers, including Rosenthal himself.

Words like “wet, sticky, glistening, ripe, perfumed, luscious, edible, glowing, juicy, and sensual” all accurately describe the resin-caked beauties featured in this glossy tome. Whether you’re looking at the spidery resin glands on the mostly-Sativa Kali Mist, the pink wetness of a delicate “Yumboldt” flower, or an acre of K.C. Brain’s ripening buds arching skyward in the middle of a corn field, this book will probably turn your brain and body on more than Playboy, Penthouse, Playgirl or any other sex mag.

When I visited a book store where Rosenthal’s book was flying out the door as quickly as people could buy it, he beamed with pride when a reader told him that The Big Book of Buds was “the hottest marijuana book I have ever seen.”

I concur with the reader’s opinion. The Big Book of Buds is a major addition to the library of cannabis. Buy several copies; give them as Christmas presents, and keep at least one copy for yourself.

Congratulations, Ed. From 1966 to 2001 and beyond, you’re still one of our most valiant, talented champions of the earth’s kindest plant.Ed Rosenthal`s Big Book of Buds

The Big Book Of Buds can be purchased online at www.quicktrading.com, at www.bigbookofbuds.com, at the BC Marijuana Party Book Store, or wherever fine literature is sold.