Cannabis Culture reader poll

Welcome to the Cannabis Culture Reader Poll where we hope you will help us find out all about you, our beloved readers.
We have designed this poll so it is completely anonymous. We don’t want your name, address or other identifying information anywhere on this, so that you will feel more comfortable answering our questions.

Please fill out the poll and answer as many questions as possible. You don’t have to answer any questions you don’t want to. Then cut out this page and mail it to: CC Poll, Box 15, 199 West Hastings, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1H4. You can also fax it to us at: 604-886-1751. (Email entries not accepted, sorry)

If you don’t want to wreck your copy of this issue, you can photocopy or hand-copy the questions on this page and send that to us instead.

Your chance to win prizes!

Please put your poll into the mail before December 3 in order to qualify for our special prize drawing. We will do a random draw from all polls we receive, and choose ten lucky winners!

One Grand Prize winner will receive a brand-new Vaporizer and a $200 Gift Certificate good at Marc Emery Seeds and the Dopefiends Bookshop. Two runners-up will receive $100 Gift Certificates, three will win a set of 6 CC backissues, and four more lucky people will get CC stickers and pot postcards.

To ensure anonymity while also offering a draw for prizes, we ask that you invent an 8 digit number and a code-word, and write them in the appropriate spot below. Make sure you write them down for yourself too and keep them somewhere safe. We’ll print the winning 8-digit numbers in our April/May issue (CC #36). Winners can claim their prizes by identifying themselves with their corresponding code word. (Please pick a truly random number, and not something like 42042042 or 23456789.)

CODE NUMBER: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

CODE WORD: ____________________

Put a check beside all items that apply for each question.

Don’t answer any questions that you don’t want to answer.

1. Where did you get this copy of Cannabis Culture?
I subscribe
corner store
a hemp store or head shop
bookstore name: ( _________________ )
a friend
other ________________

2. What would you like to see more or less of in CC? (check all that apply)
features over 6 pages
articles under 2 pages
photos of buds
photos of plants
laws and politics
basic grow articles
advanced grow articles
pot food recipes
med-pot research
marijuana and history
marijuana and religion
people being busted
activist profiles
drug war victims
international news
North American news
festivals and events
new hemp products
hemp farming news
benefits of hemp
hemp food recipes
puzzles and contests
letters to the editor
articles on psychedelics
articles on rave drugs
articles on “hard” drugs
integrating marijuana into a healthy lifestyle
first person stories about marijuana experiences
marijuana and drug related fiction
articles on musicians connected to pot culture
reviews of pot books, movies and music
reviews of new pot culture products
articles not specifically about pot and drugs, like:
– environmentalism
– genetic engineering
– human civil rights
– alternative spirituality
– sexuality and erotica
other ___________________

3. Who is your “favorite” CC writer?
Chris Bennet
Pete Brady
Reverend Damuzi
Dana Larsen
Ed Rosenthal
Bianca Sind
other ________________

4. How long have you been reading CC?
this is my first issue
up to 1 year
2-4 years
since the first few issues

5. If this was your first issue, will you buy again?
I’m going to subscribe
I don’t know

6. If you are a regular reader, why don’t you subscribe?
I prefer buying it off the shelf
I can’t afford a subscription
It’s too much hassle
afraid of being on mailing list
afraid of having it delivered
other ________________

7. How did you first find out about our magazine?
I saw it on the newsstand
I saw it in a hemp store
I heard about you in the media
I visited your website
a friend told me
other ___________________

8. How many people will read this issue of CC?
just me
1-2 other people
3-4 other people
5-6 other people
7 or more

9. Have you ever purchased a product that you saw advertised in CC?
just once
2-3 times
4 or more times

10. Have you ever visited a store that advertises in CC?
just one store
I have visited 2-3 stores
I have visited over 4 stores

11. Do you also buy High Times magazine?
once in a while
I buy more than 6 copies a year
I buy every issue
I am a subscriber

12. Do you read any other marijuana magazines?
once in a while
whenever I can
what other pot magazines?

13. What kind of covers make you want to buy our magazine?
A big juicy bud or plant
a famous person
a male model
a female model
trippy art
other ________________

14. What is your preferred way of consuming marijuana?
I like to use glass
other pipe or bong
in food
other ________________

15. Do you own a pipe or bong?
I have one
I have 2-4 pipes and bongs
I have over 5 pipes and bongs
I have an extensive paraphernalia collection

16. Have you visited our website at
I’m not on the Internet
I’m online but have never been to your site
I visited it once, didn’t return
I go there once a month
I go there once a week
I go there twice a week or more

17. Have you ever watched a show at
I’m not on the Internet
I’m online but have never been to Pot-TV
I visited it once, didn’t return
I visited Pot-TV but couldn’t view shows
I go there once a month
I go there once a week
I go there twice a week or more

18. How old are you?
Under 18
over 50

19. What is your gender?

20. Are you married?

21. Do you have children?
1 child
2-3 children
4 or more children

22. How often do you use marijuana?
every day
2-3 times a week
once a week
once a month or less
once a year or less
I never have
I used to but don’t now

23. How long have you been using marijuana?
less than 6 months
less than 2 years
2 to 5 years
5 to 10 years
10 to 20 years
over 20 years

24. Do you smoke tobacco?
once in a while
I’m trying to quit

25. Do you drink alcohol?
I never have
I used to but don’t now
once a year or less
once a month or less
once a week
2-3 times a week
almost every day

26. Have you ever been charged with a marijuana offence?
yes, and I spent time in jail

27. Do you consider your use of marijuana as medicinal?

28. Where do you live?
other ________________

29. Have you ever written a pro-marijuana letter to a politician or newspaper?
I wrote one letter
I’ve written 2-5 letters
I write letters regularly

30. Have you ever grown your own marijuana?
I used to
I am growing now

31. Have you ever ordered seeds from a seed company?
I did once
I do regularly
I did and got ripped off!

32. Have you ever been to Amsterdam?
I have never been there
I have visited 1-3 times
I’ve been there over 4 times
I hope to go someday

33. Have you ever been to Vancouver, BC?
I have never been there
I have visited 1-3 times
I’ve been there over 4 times
I hope to go someday
I live in BC

34. What is your gross annual household income?
under $25,000
$25,000 – $40,000
$40,000 – $75,000
over $120,000

35. Do you own a home?
I own my home outright
I am paying off a mortgage
I rent my own home
I rent a home with roommates
I live with my parents
I sleep on a friend’s couch

36. Do you own a car?
I own/lease a car
I own/lease two cars
I own/lease more than 2 cars
I ownlease a motorcycle

37. What types of music do you enjoy? (check all that apply)
I don’t like music
top 40
country & western
classic rock
heavy metal
other ________________

38. Do you participate in any of these hobbies or activities?
scuba diving
horseback riding
chess and board games
computer/video games
D&D or role-playing games
reading books/fiction
going to movies
dining out
kinky sex
other ________________

39. Do you eat meat?
as often as possible
as part of a balanced diet
I rarely eat meat
I don’t eat red meat
I only eat fish
I am a vegetarian
I am vegan

40. Do you attend festivals / events advertised in CC?
I don’t like festivals
They’re never close enough
I’ve been to one
I’ve been to 2-3 festivals
I’ve been to four or more
I travel from festival to festival

42. Is CC available at stores in your town?

42. Can you list some stores in your area who you think may want to carry our magazine? Please use a separate piece of paper and provide a mailing address or phone number for each store.

43. Would you object to ads for alcohol in Cannabis Culture?
I think that’s a great idea
I don’t really care
I wouldn’t like it
I would stop reading CC

44. Would you object to ads for tobacco in Cannabis Culture?
I think that’s a great idea
I don’t really care
I wouldn’t like it
I would stop reading CC

45. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for your time and honesty in filling out our reader poll.

Be sure to put your poll in the mail before December 3 2001, for your chance to win some fabulous prizes!

Don’t forget to write down and keep your code number and word!