Wild in the streets

I live in Pakistan, and cannabis grows wildly on the streets here. Right now it is the beginning of the fall season. I wanted to know if I could just pick the stuff straight from the street, and you could direct me on how to make weed from it. All we smoke here is hash, if you know how to make that could you tell me how to do that?
Eastern Stoner
Karachi, Pakistan

Pick the mature flowers. They are mature when the stigmas turn color and dry up. The ovaries behind the stigmas have swelled and the glands are protruding and prominent. Remove the leaves which surround the ripe flowers. Dry the flowers until the buds crumble when rolled between your palms. The buds are now ready to smoke in a pipe or rolled into a joint.

They can also be made into kief, the first step in making hash. Take a large silk scarf and stretch it tightly over a bowl. Take the crumbled buds and rub them gently over the cloth. The THC containing glands attached to the leaf tissue will rub off and then fall through the openings in the cloth. The first few minutes of rubbing produces the finest grade. It is usually pale yellow. After the first grade is collected, continue rubbing the marijuana against the silk screen. Each time the powder will look a little more green. This is the result of more leaf material slipping through the screen. The rubbed glands are sometimes called kief and are quite smokable.

The kief can be pressed into hash using heat and pressure from a press. To press a small amount, wrap it in cellophane. Then wrap the cellophane in a couple of layers of newspaper and put this package in the heel of your shoe. In an hour your body heat and weight will turn it into hash. You can also use an iron to accomplish this. Larger amounts require bigger presses.

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