Pought thots

We rock!
I am a faithful reader and have been buying Cannabis Culture for over three years. During that time I have enjoyed the hard hitting journalism, the straight-up, tell it like it is style of many of your writers. In my opinion, the magazine as a whole reflects some of the highest levels of professionalism and creative expression in journalism anywhere. And as a retired news journalist, I should know.

I have been especially been struck by the fearlessness, and the quality of research and writing done by Reverend Damuzi. I remember when I first read Multinational corporations will kill for drugs (CC#13). It really blew me away. I photocopied the accompanying color chart, laminated it, and hung it on my wall. Since then I have continued to read and be educated by the Reverend’s articles.

The story about his trip to New Zealand (CC#24, Pot politics in New Zealand) stuck strongly in my mind. As I read about his adventures in a foreign land, I thought to myself, “this is what travel should be about: fearless adventure!”

Imagine my joy when, upon purchasing the latest issue (CC#32), I found yet another mind blowing article by Reverend Damuzi. I flipped straight to Sex pot and comic books and read it first, then consumed the rest of the mag. Sex pot and comics was a wonderful treat. I remember reading many of those comics, and never truly understood their historical significance until reading the Reverend’s latest.

I just want to say to him and to all at Cannabis Culture: keep up the good work!

Uncle Jim

We suck!

In regards to your Aug/Sept issue (CC#32), it SUCKS! I started reading your mag on the third issue and haven’t missed one since, I also try to give other stoners the insight that I have found in regards to the quality writing that your company does. But this issue is filled with articles that can be found in the last six months of High Times!

It’s almost like you ran out of new ideas, or you’re on vacation and someone else went through old folders to try to have something ready for press time. Shoddy journalism at best. Any more of this type and I’ll be looking elsewhere for my inspirations.

mad in minnesota

Sorry to disappoint you, but if it’s the first time you’ve been dissatisfied in five years I hope you’ll give us another chance!

Actually, my least favourite issue is CC#06, with the overexposed cover and image reproduction problems inside, it wasn’t a great issue at all.

? Dana

We’re confused!

We have a conflict here… Does the letters section title mean “Pot Thoughts” or does it mean “Puffed Thoughts?” Three of us guys here agree with “Pot Thoughts” my dad who is an English major says its “Puffed Thoughts.” What does it mean? Please tell us!

Cali Mike

Wow. We’ve been using the name Pought Thots since issue #4 and no-one has ever suggested such an interpretation. Yet it seems an obvious pun in retrospect, so I now officially declare that the name of our letters section is to be considered ambiguous, and can be pronounced in either fashion, at your discretion.

I duly credit our long-suffering webmaster Karlis with the inspired name, although he didn’t realize the depth of his punning when he came up with it. As Karlis says, “Give a man a ghoti, and he will be confused for a day…”

? Dana

Strain ID

Could you please identify the strain as shown on your April/May 2001 cover (CC#31). This was not identified in the publication as I could find.

Your magazine is the best. Keep up the fight.

Thank You,
Chico, Internet

Our cover information and credit is displayed with the masthead, on page 14 of that issue.

The fabulous bud in question is Nebula, from Paradise Seeds.

? Dana