Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics

The first edition of the Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics was published in February 2001. Subtitled Studies in endogenous, herbal and synthetic cannabinoids, the diverse contents fulfill that broad mandate. Articles include a study into the effects of smoked cannabis and synthetic THC on nausea, the therapeutic uses of cannabis in Arabic medicine, a profile of 19th century “cannabis cognoscenti” Jacques-Joseph Moreau, and a review of the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis constituents like THC and hemp seed oil.
The journal is produced by the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine, whose excellent email bulletins are often used as a source for this column. It is edited by Ethan Russo MD, a Montana neurobehavioural specialist and author of The Handbook of Psychotropic Herbs.

? International Association for Cannabis as Medicine: tel 49-221-9543-9229; email [email protected]; wesite