Pot Puzzlers

Welcome back to the confusing Cannabis Culture crossword! Before we begin this issue’s befuddlement, let’s congratulate the winners from CC #30, where we offered two puzzles and two sets of prizes.
The Secret Sentence for Puzzle #1 is “I got stoned from eating shake.” The winner is DNG in Ontario, who requested and received a sack of fine buds. The Magic Word for Puzzle #2 was LEAF (1-A, 2-L, 3-E, 4-F). That puzzle perplexed some readers, as I received many “acid” and other wrong solutions. The winner was Azure in Iowa whose prize was also well received.

The four runner-ups are Cox in Florida, Mike in Springfield, Pat and Bob in BC, and Duff in Toronto. All of them received some excellent Cannabis Culture memorabilia.

Solve the crossword below then unscramble the letters on the colored squares to find the magic word. Write it on a piece of paper with your address and email or phone number, and send it to: CC Puzzles, Box 1416, Gibsons, BC, Canada, V0N 1V0. We also accept entries by fax to 604-886-1751, and by email to [email protected]. Only one entry per household.

We’ll do a random draw from all correct solutions received before September 10, 2001. One Grand Prize winner will receive a fat sack of primo buds or a tube of fine genetics from Marc Emery Seeds, your pick. Two runner-ups will each receive a copy of our special Pot Puzzle Fun Book, and other pot-culture goodies.

Have fun!

? Dana


1) Type of Bud, from Sensi. (3)
4) Where a woman can hide her buds. (3)
7) Khizr is the _____ saint of cannabis. (4)
9) __(9 down)__, _____, fibre, fun! (4)
10) Unit of music. (4)
11) Freud’s fixation: he needed a joint! (4)
12) Cannabis _____ only sun, soil and water. (5)
15) Good kind of Lebanese. (5)
17) Pot helps some to be good-_____ (7)
19) Flowers of love. (5)
20) What you need to grow hemp in Canada. (7)
22) Pot can help you _____ new thoughts. (5)
24) What pot merchants and card sharks make. (5)
27) Some think that DMT lets them speak to ____from another dimension. (6)
28) How many of these can dance on the head of a bud? (6)
30) Inland body of water. (4)
31) Send out energy. (4)
32) Cannabis has 50,000 _____. (4)
33) The stoner _____ off into the sunset. (4)
34) Time to harvest when hairs turn this. (3)
35) There’s nothing _____ under the sun. (3)


1) _____ the bomb, not the bong! (3)
2) Use this to smooth your hemp shirt. (4)
3) Marijuana is a _____-way, to a better life. (4)
4) What we end up doing with all our pot. (4)
5) What to do with a grow book. (4)
6) Love, and pot, is _____ you need. (3)
8) Cannabis has _____ used since the dawn of time. (4)
9) see 9 across. (4)
13) The _____ young man on the flying trapeze. (6)
14) They go with bonds. (6)
15) Type of Skunk, from Mighty Mite. (6)
16) Marijuana can _____ the symptoms of many ailments. (6)
18) Relaxing is a good _____ for pot. (3)
20) How some do cocaine. (5)
21) The beaver has an intense desire. (5)
22) One who shows without sharing is a “pot _____” (5)
23) The grower _____ to her outdoor crop. (5)
25) Type of Skunk, from Jordan. (5)
26) _____ out the bowl to empty the bong. (5)
27) Without pot, a glaucoma sufferer’s vision will _____ (4)
29) Do this to hempseed to make gruel. (4)