Onwards to victory!

Dana Larsen with daughter LilyDana Larsen with daughter LilyLast issue I wrote in my editorial about the initial formation of the BC Marijuana Party, and my excitement at being part of this new political movement that is sweeping Canada.
By the time you read this it is likely that the BC provincial election will have been held. Although it’s unlikely that any of our candidates will win their seat, there are some candidates for whom this is a possibility, and we definitely expect to take second place in a few ridings.

Shortly before this issue went to press, I was honoured to attend a convention of party candidates, simultaneous with the Grand Opening of the BC Marijuana Party Headquarters, Bookshop and Pot-TV Media Centre.

I have been a marijuana activist for about 10 years, seeing a wide variety of projects, plans and people come and go. Never before have I felt as optimistic and excited as when I sat in a room with 57 other candidates, with each person rising to introduce themselves and explain why they had decided to put their name, face, reputation and money on the line for the ideals represented by the BC Marijuana Party.

In our literature, and in the full-page ads which announced the Grand Opening of our headquarters and bookshop, we explained how marijuana is a symbol for many of the ways in which our government fails to serve us, and for some of the new solutions to our current problems.

Marijuana prohibition is a symbol for government waste and excess, the prohibition of all other medicinal herbs and alternative therapies, the rape of the earth, undue US influence over Canada and other nations, the entire drug war and the destruction it entails.

Marijuana legalization is a symbol for innovative environmental solutions, better policing and more efficient justice, social tolerance, safe medicines, more democracy, new ideas, and more prosperity and wealth for all.

We anticipate that our themes of individual liberty, innovative solutions and more responsive democracy will resonate with the people of British Columbia. As one of the only parties with a full slate of candidates we hope to gain equal representation in the debates, and show that Cannabis Culture has a unique political voice which demands to be heard.

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Onwards to victory!
Dana Larsen with daughter Lily

Dana Larsen
editor, Cannabis Culture Magazine