Pought Thots

Church of the Living Tree
I have just finished reading your last issue and would like to clear up a couple of misconceptions about the Church of the Living Tree (CC#29 Medical marijuana ministries).

It might seem to be an obvious assumption that we are a “cannabis church,” since we cultivate hemp here so we can process the stalks into paper on our own mill. By the insistence of the DEA, the only way we can legally cultivate cannabis in California is medical marijuana in accordance with Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.

But in fact there is no essential connection between the Church of the Living Tree and marijuana, other than the incidental one mentioned. We are not a “cannabis church” and cannabis is not in any way regarded as a sacrament of our church. The Church takes no position on the issue.

While we do not supply cannabis to our congregation as suggested in the article, it is true that we are most ardent supporters of the revolutionary notion of personal freedom, upon which our country was founded. We believe that everyone has the right to cultivate, on their own land and for their own use, any natural plant. None of our founding fathers would ever have tolerated the intrusion of the government into the private affairs of its citizens.

Since the only way we can cultivate cannabis for our paper mill is to grow medical marijuana for the members of the Paper Mill Hemp Farm growers co-operative, that is what we do. The Church obtains the stalks for paper manufacture, while the Paper Mill Hemp Farm takes care of providing medicine to the patients, all of whom are legally documented under Prop 215.

We have been making handmade paper out of hemp since about 1990 here at our own mill in Northern California. We are also involved with an effort to set up a commercial scale alternative fiber pulp mill which will produce pulp for paper from the whole stalks of hemp, flax, kenaf, wheat straw, corn stalks, or just about anything else. We have a proprietary technology that derives from Ukraine which offers many benefits over conventional pulping processes.

Funding is always an issue, so if there is anyone who wishes to be involved in any of these projects you are most welcome to contact us at [email protected].

I was most interested to rad about Reverend James Kimmel’s Religion of Jesus, and his revelation that One equals Infinity. This is very, very close, but it isn’t quite right. Pure mathematics is pure metaphysics, and I have made a very extensive investigation into all of these matters, and I am sure I have it all figured out. My results are in my books published on my website. I will not go into great detail here other than to reveal the true equation that resolves the Mystery of our Cosmos: “Zero equals infinity.”

John Stahl
The Church of the Living Tree
PO Box 64
Leggett CA, 95585

Thanks for the clarification as to your cannabis practices and beliefs.

For what it’s worth, hash-smoking occultist Aleister Crowley wrote that 0=2.
? Dana

US cop corruption

I read Dana Larsen’s article on US cop corruption (CC#29, Drug war fun) and there is a little discrepancy in the article. By law enforcement accounts Sheriff Carlton shot himself in the chest, not the head.

But how about this for US cop corruption ??most people that live in Coffee County say that the FBI could have easily taken him in when they first got there that morning, and not waited until a helicopter got there that afternoon. Most people, including myself, think that Carlton was assassinated by someone in that “FBI” helicopter.

Coffee County, Georgia

Thanks for the correction. With the many ongoing scandals with police forces across the USA, I’m not surprised at speculation that this little piece of corruption is nastier and more complex than it seems.
? Dana

Russian revolution

It was wonderful for me to read in your latest issue about you sending up some books to the Russian that was looking for some hemp literature (CC#27 Pought Thots). It’s somewhat amazing how they, although so poor due to their oppression, still want to get educated. I wanted to congratulate you guys for your response. I hope that your action spreads good karma to all tokers.

Good luck in all your battles and in your quest thru life!


Inspired art

To CC staff:

I read your letters and articles every month, as I work in a store that sells your magazine. I got such a sense of connection from the story on Russia (CC#29 Russian pot revolution) that I decided to share a drawing I did inspired by the crazy war against the most healing plant I know of. I also want to send all my support to Renee Boje.

Thank you for being a strong fighter.


Thanks for your fabulous artwork, created on hemp paper of course. I enjoyed the Russian article too, it reminded me that we all belong to a truly international and multi-faceted culture, and global revolutionary movement.
? Dana

Much appreciated

Hello Mr Larsen,

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your publication and looking at your gorgeous face in it. I’m a longtime fan and smoker and find your magazine both entertaining and educational. I’d love to fire one up with you and discuss our views or just hang out.

Just so you know, I’m 28, most definitely female, and not a bad looking chick to boot. A pic is attached to prove it. Just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated.


Well thank you very much. I don’t get nearly enough emails like this. I don’t think Bennetta intended her picture for publication, but she is a comely lass, good potential for a CC Website Budbabe.
? Dana

Go Swiss

Dear CC,

With the Swiss on the eve of full Cannabis legalization, we should start saying “Go Swiss!” Even now they’re more of a pot friendly nation than the Dutch. Next major pot cup in Switzerland?!

And now with Canada and medical marijuana? Go Canada! CC, Pot-TV, and Emery Seeds are all great, thanks.

Viva Cannabis!


Switzerland is leading the world in intelligent harm reduction and decriminalization policies, in large part because they have a political system which relies heavily upon ballot initiatives and referenda to determine public policies. Anywhere in the world where citizens have a direct voice in law creation there is movement towards ending the drug war.
? Dana

Nit picker

Not to nit pick, but I noticed that the lovely Joanie on the cover of CC#29 seems to have switched the bracelet she is wearing from her left hand to her right hand on page 48. It looks like she changed her top around as well, that would have to be the only explanation, as I’m sure that a negative would never get transposed in such a fine mag!

No I don’t have a life,?but if I had some magic beans I could grow one.


Thanks for the picked nit. Actually, we sometimes intentionally transpose our cover shot to make a photo better fit the cover structure. The vivacious Tracy from the cover of issue #24 was also flipped in such a manner, those cool tattoos are actually on her left arm.
? Dana