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Profits from prohibition

Regarding Reformers in Babylon (CC#27), maybe the corrupt politicians and media are required to adhere to the party line of prohibition because law enforcement, customs, the prison and military industrial complex, the drug testing industry, the INS, the CIA, the FBI, the DEA, the politicians themselves et al can’t live without the budget justification, not to mention the invisible profits, bribery, corruption and forfeiture benefits that prohibition affords them.

The drug war also promotes, justifies and perpetuates racist enforcement policies and is diminishing many freedoms and liberties that are supposed to be inalienable according to the constitution and bill of rights.

Fort Worth, Texas

That’s very true.

– Dana

Thanks for standing up

I am writing to give many thanks to Marc Emery, who was brave enough to again confront the police, outside their station in Timmins (CC#29, Cannabis Culture defeats censorship cops). Of course, the police have no right to confiscate publications of this nature, and they knew it, which is why their threats were empty and the removal of magazines was voluntary. When they can’t charge people with “crimes”, they lie, cheat, and threaten to get their way and cause a community scare.

It’s too bad they were smart enough to refrain from charging Emery, as it would have set a great precedent in the courts. There is no end to the persecution and prosecution the police and other power sources will engage in to repress those they don’t like, those who are useful scapegoats for the social problems caused by the powerful themselves.

Saanich, BC

Internet evolution


I just read your new editorial (CC#28, The internet evolution), and I must say it is the best thing I have ever read in Cannabis Culture. It was amazingly insightful and accurate.

Yours in Liberty,
Michael Cust
Edmonton, Alberta

Thanks for the kind words. I am convinced that the Internet will be an increasingly powerful tool in bringing an end to the war on cannabis. I hope that I can live to see the end of the drug war and the beginning of the new era of enlightened consciousness expansion and spiritual exploration which will surely follow.

– Dana

Methamphetamine madness

Hey Muggles,

I was distressed to read that you were lumping methamphetamine in with cannabis as relatively harmless (CC#27, Methamphetamine madness). I know that is not true; is someone setting you folks up for a fall? Let them go ahead and legalize meth separate from cannabis and let’s stay focussed on one thing at a time.

Lyle C,

Although the main focus of Cannabis Culture is of course marijuana, we have always covered the whole war on drugs and discussed the use, effects and prohibition of other substances. Cannabis Culture has always taken a stand against prohibition of any substance, and we promote intelligent, informed decisions about taking any drug.

Amphetamines and methamphetamines, when used in reasonable dosages, can be a safe and effective stimulant, comparable to caffeine. It’s true there are health risks associated with heavy use of amphetamines, but the same holds true for caffeine, aspirin, and many other substances.

The main problem with amphetamines is that they are banned, and therefore only available in impure forms with unpredictable levels of potency. Because it is being used in an illegal context, users tend to take larger doses.

The war on methamphetamine is also the war on marijuana. The laws being passed to target “meth labs” will also impact profoundly on pot growers. Given that, I thought an article about methamphetamines was warranted in CC.

? Dana

Great respect

Dear CC,

As an amateur (struggling) cultivator, and lover of freedom and peace, I have great respect for your publication. I want you to know your magazine has made a great differnce in my life. To know there are others who see things clearly, at least in terms of this insane drug war crusade and the sense of peace and beauty that comes from our favorite plant, is a great comfort. Keep up your international efforts!

We shall overcome,
S. Smith

Activist, journalist, fan.

I am a 20 year old male living in Regina, Saskatchewan. I am a huge fan of Cannabis Culture. I love the overall layout. I have been an avid pot smoker since I was 15. I have many opinions and ideas, and I have recently decided that I want to get involved in the fight for freedom by becoming a member of the Marijuana Party of Canada. I would like to know how I could go about doing this. I want to run in the next election for my riding in the Queen City, I also want to take a journalism course and start writing for your wonderful magazine. I have so much hope that within the next couple of years marijuana will be legal.

I have even stopped consuming alcohol and tobacco and now just smoke the sacred herb, and do whatever it takes to fight this war, which we should win soon.

I love your Pot-TV show, it’s the best, I can relate so well with it as well as your magazine. Last night I went out and smoked out of my 2 1/2ft glass bong and thought of campaign speeches, ideas to get people to vote. If people just open their eyes to the truth they will see that pot shouldn’t be illegal.

See you on Weedy Wednesday,
Eric MC2high,
Regina, Saskatchewan

All Canadians interested in cannabis liberation should join the federal Marijuana Party. Although there won’t be another election for 4-5 years, there is plenty of work to be done in building the party structure and using it to disseminate information and provide opposition to the current prohibition.

Provincial Marijuana Parties are being started up in most Canadian provinces as well. To find out more about how you can join and help the Marijuana Party, contact their headquarters at: PO Box 361, Station “C”, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 4K3; tel (514) 528-1768; email ; website www.marijuanaparty.org. In Western Canada, call (604) 684-7076; [email protected].

As for writing for CC, I accept unsolicited articles and I read every submission I receive. However, I am also normally swamped with material and so I am very selective about what gets into the magazine.

? Dana

Humboldt hell

I was recently arrested for cultivation in Humboldt County. I have been growing for some time, but decided to try Humboldt because of the myths of it being the easiest and best place to grow, and I was also transferring from San Diego State to Humboldt State University.

I learned that Humboldt county is one of the worst places to grow, not to mention their weed isn’t top quality. I would grade it as medium grade. There are other parts of the state that have much better weed.

The Emerald Triangle, or as I like to call it the Emerald Pyramid, is nothing more than a closed group of people mostly in their 40’s and 50’s working with the sheriff’s department. I talked to some local growers and was told that the last head sheriff in the county, who was convicted and sentenced to a federal penitentiary for embezzling state funds, was in on most of the growing in the region. I was told that his brother or brother-in-law and their friends are the people who grow Humboldt county’s cannabis.

It is like a pyramid scheme, nothing more than a trickle-down effect from a few people on top to the lower spectrum of growers and sellers that traffic it through the state. I think this is a terrible representation of cannabis and corruption. There is a lot of racism and hate in their cannabis triangle.

I was growing indoor and I was breeding plants. I had approximately 10,000 high grade seeds from plants I have worked with for a few years. The sheriff’s department took my seeds and gave them to their connection of local growers. No credit, care, or apologies were given to me.

My personal recommendation is to stay away from Humboldt County. If you are thinking about growing, going to school, moving, or travelling there, it is not recommended. I have lost my grants for school, $15,000 worth of personal property, and $100,000 in cannabis and high grade seeds. I am seeking free representation through NORML. I also have 2 writs of habeas corpus dealing with the violation of my constitutional rights.

If you are going to grow stay in your home town, or where you feel safe. Let’s try to legalize and give cannabis the respect it deserves as a plant, and stop ruining peoples lives over growing, smoking, and the pursuit of monetary gain.


It’s best to grow in communities where you know the situation and have an understanding of the local cannabis culture. It’s always dangerous to start a grow show in an area where you are unfamiliar with the scene and local enforcement strategies.

? Dana