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Dear Ed,
I am very poor and have spent too much money on chronic. I recently cleaned out my closet, and am motivated to start growing. I’ve saved up about 200 dollars already, (I cut back, and went to the dirt weed), and I am ready to start my own grow room. I haven’t a clue on where to start. I try to read the stuff on the net, but everything seems so complicated. Is there anything that gives exact directions on what to buy, from where, and the process it is going to take to do it. I need something reasonably cheap and easy to follow. Please help me out!!! I’m starting from scratch.

Los Angeles, CA

Buy a good book on marijuana cultivation. They are advertised on the Internet and available in many bookstores. Even a simple guide will send you in the right direction.

Information is the most inexpensive of tools to acquire. Make sure to read the book thoroughly and plan your garden before buying any other equipment. This will save you both time and money.

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