Don’t get busted

Marijuana cultivation guru Ed Rosenthal has just released a superb book that should be required reading for anybody who grows or uses marijuana.
“Ask Ed: Marijuana Law,” which is subtitled “Don’t Get Busted,” provides essential and practical information about avoiding marijuana arrests, and about what to do if an arrest happens.

There are several previously published books about marijuana law, but Rosenthal’s tome is the most up-to-date and the most utilitarian. Instead of getting bogged down in arcane legal arguments, Rosenthal’s book is a safety manual that will save the lives of people and plants.

“Don’t Get Busted” includes the latest information about America’s confusing plethora of state medical pot laws, some of which have been modified by cities and counties within states that have legalized marijuana use and cultivation for medical purposes.

The book wisely acknowledges that the status and implementation protocols of medpot laws are constantly changing. For example, Colorado and Nevada voters approved medical marijuana during the November, 2000 election, while California’s Mendocino County approved “Measure G,” which legalized limited marijuana possession and cultivation for all purposes, not just medical.

Rosenthal’s literary effort benefits from collaboration with several marijuana experts, including courageous California civil liberties attorneys William Logan and Katya Komisaruk. Cannabis Culture journalist Pete Brady also contributed to the book, describing how he established his credentials as a bona fide medical pot patient.

“Don’t Get Busted” also provides detailed, disconcerting information about how police lie, cheat, and use coercion as they try to bust pot people. Readers will learn NOT to make mistakes that lead to arrest and conviction. From placement of grow rooms to phone taps, from asset forfeiture to urine testing, Rosenthal’s book exhaustively explains techniques of rationale “paranoia” and stealth necessary to keep pigs from slopping in your trough.

Some of this book’s most useful and interesting sections deal with what to do if police contact you, how to choose a lawyer, arrest/incarceration/bail procedures, and constitutional rights. A lengthy chapter on drug testing helps readers challenge, prepare for and defeat this invasive form of unwarranted search, while the book’s extensive Appendix provides functional information about state marijuana laws and judicial penalties, marijuana reform organizations, Internet resources, and how to find medical marijuana providers and physicians.

The “Ask Ed” aspect of Rosenthal’s 25 years of marijuana journalism is put to good use in “Don’t Get Busted.” Rosenthal uses Ask Ed questions and anecdotes to illustrate how marijuana users harm themselves and arm themselves.

Rosenthal’s book is lucid, easy to read, and factual, evidencing professional editing, insider information, and thorough research. With 700,000 people being arrested for marijuana every year in the United States, it’s obvious that hundreds of thousands of people could have benefited from this book, and that millions more should read it and use its information to prevent arrest and incarceration.

Buy several copies of this book, and give them as presents to anybody involved with marijuana, especially those who grow it. The life you save could be your own!

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