Hemp diseases and pests

Here’s the perfect recipe for a book about cannabis: use three authors who have spent decades studying cannabis horticulture, combine them with an international publishing company, and give them enough resources to create an oversized book with professional citations, illustrations, and binding.
This perfect recipe has produced a gorgeous new book, HEMP DISEASES AND PESTS – MANAGEMENT AND BIOLOGICAL CONTROL. The authors – Dr. John McPartland, Robert Connell Clarke, and David Watson – are premier marijuana researchers whose credibility and breadth of knowledge are legendary.

McPartland is a medical doctor, botanist and cannabinoid researcher. Clarke is the author of two epic texts, MARIJUANA BOTANY and HASHISH!. Watson runs HortaPharm, the Dutch cannabis breeding consortium supplying specialty cannabis to UK med-pot research projects conducted by GW Pharmaecuticals.

HEMP DISEASES AND PESTS is a fascinating, practical book, and an upcoming issue of CANNABIS CULTURE will give a more complete summary of its features. For the purposes of this brief online review, however, I assure you that this book will significantly increase yield, efficiency and quality for any marijuana grower who follows its advice.

The book includes photos that help growers diagnose dozens of plant dysfunctions, including enemy insects, mites, mammals, and fungi, environmentally-caused problems, overwatering, and nutrient deficiencies. It tells growers how to protect their crops using biocontrols instead of toxic chemicals. It describes ideal soil components, harvesting guidelines, and curing procedures.

Although HEMP DISEASES AND PESTS is not intended as a “grow book” that focuses on lighting, security, and clandestine techniques, its scope, accuracy and detail make it an incomparable textbook that every marijuana grower should have. It is interesting and entertaining, immaculately presented and organized, and features the most innovative and reliable techniques for keeping your plants healthy and happy.

HEMP DISEASES AND PESTS is a large, 251 page, professional book with a professional price: $90 US. It’s well worth it. When I grew my own marijuana, I was often puzzled by plant problems. If I’d had this book, I could have easily eliminated those problems. HEMP DISEASES AND PESTS will likely increase the yield of your garden by at least 50%- if that’s not worth $90, I don’t know what is!

To order, contact Oxford university press: 1-800-445-9714

Or www.out-usa.org, (search for “hemp”)

In the UK, go to: www.cabi.org