Pought Thots

Cannabis commandments
Since the Unites States of America’s first amendment guarantees freedom of religion, and since Congress has passed legislation requiring all schools to post the ten commandments of the Christian-Judaic-Moslem traditions, I am sure that Congress will not mind when schools also post Mahadevi’s three commandments.

Mahadevi’s commandments come from the Hindu-Buddhist traditions, which are much older, and some believe wiser. But then in the “great, free USA” that doesn’t matter, as Americans have “freedom of religion.”

I ask all teachers in the “free USA” to please post the Great Goddess Mahadevi’s three commandments next to the Father’s “big ten.”

1. The ones who scandalize the users of marijuana shall suffer the pains of hell for as long as the sun shines.
2. The ones who use no marijuana shall lose their happiness in this life and in the next life to come.
3. The ones who use marijuana foolishly or for pleasure are the sinners of sin.

Ras James
Rider of Selassie I’s flying white horse

Respect for medicine

I am writing this on behalf of my husband, Carl. We both enjoy your magazine, especially the articles on kids and pot. Carl is a cannabis patient and we have a 5 year old son. He has been exposed to its open use since infancy, and has grown up to respect cannabis’ medicinal value, not showing any curiosity whatsoever.

We believe his mature attitude towards cannabis is due to our open honesty about its medical value for his father. I am sure that there are other families in our situation who are afraid to speak out.

Yours in freedom,
Wendy and Carl,

Urine trouble

To the Editor,

I am writing in regards to your advertisements for “The Urinator.” I believe this product is inappropriate to be promoting, primarily based upon its support of substance abuse and dependance. As an advocate for children and youth, I think this sends the message to them that they can abuse this illegal substance and not have to take appropriate responsibility for thier actions. Since this magazine is readily available to children to purchase, I feel that the products you promote shouldn’t increase youth’s opportunities to use this illegal substance.

Obviously, if they need to take a drug test, they have run into problems because of their habit. These problems could be because of family, school, friends or the law. These support systems are supposed to be helpful to the welfare and development of our youth. Our youth would not be able to find help for their problems if these support systems are ignorant of their abuse of drugs.

To allow children’s chronic use of the substance to escalate and not be dealt with can be detrimental to their lives.

Brenda Hudson,

I’m surprised that anyone would bother sending us a letter like this. Have you ever actually read CC Brenda? If you had, you’d know that we consider urine testing to be an invasion of privacy, a tool of the drug-war police-state narcocracy which is steadily corrupting and destroying our social and political institutions and “support systems.”

Urine testing is a pernicious and vile practice. Cannabis Culture strongly supports cheating, destroying and messing with urine tests in any way possible. We encourage people of all ages to familiarize themselves with how to cheat and bypass urine tests if they are in danger of being tested in their home, school, or workplace.

? Dana

Forsaken Fountain

Dear Dana,

In your July/August 1998 issue (CC#13, Pought Thots) you published a letter from me, and underneath it you added that I am the author of a book called “Forbidden Fountain.” The book is actually called Forsaken Fountain.

This may not seem like a big deal, but the altered title misrepresents what the book is about. I am claiming that churches have forsaken the gospel in endorsing laws which prohibit substances.

Henry Boston

Sorry about the typo Henry, but at least it gives me another chance to plug your book. Copies of Forsaken Fountain: The need to review international drug laws in light of the Christian faith are available for $5 from Henry Boston at PO Box 8179, Victoria, BC, V8W 3R8. Henry is a retired minister of the United Church.

? Dana

We rock!

Dear CC,

You f#@$ing rock! Tripping through your magazine is almost as stimulating as a puff from our favourite Hooka. Having been raised in BC during the sixties and seventies, but currently trapped in Ontario, I have been able to experience both provinces and their measures of tolerance.

As many times as possible I return to the place of my roots, and visit with old friends and family. On one of these trips I found myself in need of a puff, so we went down to Hemp BC to ask directions to fulfill my quest. One big stinky bud later we were on the road into the mountains and I could enjoy two great weeks of nature and great smoke!

The bud in BC seems to have gotten better along with the tolerance. I am sure it is in part to your magazine and the people that read it.

Keep on tokin’ in the free world!

F&P, Ontario

Although BC is in many ways of beacon of hope and pot-tolerance, things are not ideal here. The once mighty Hemp BC was ruthlessly run out of business by an aggressive city council and repeated police raids. Now that whole block has greatly changed, and although still pot-friendly, it’s not the marijuana mecca it once was.

As for the better bud in BC, we hope we can take some credit for that, and for better bud around the globe! By working with Marc Emery Seeds we ultimately help to get good genetics out to thousands of people all around the planet. By fighting unjust laws and creating zones of tolerance we can encourage growers and breeders to increase the quality of their buds and decrease the price.

? Dana

Prisoners of Consciousness

Dear good folks,

We love your magazine down here in the Federal Penitentiary in Colorado. Thank you for waging the fight for an end to the War on (some) Drugs. As a first time, non-violent “offender” I’m doing 10 years for herb gardening. My wife and five kids live near Canada and help work with the newspaper “Razor Wire” and other November Coalition activities. We’re long-time Rainbow Family and we love you and pray for you.

Peace and Love
Jimmer, Colorado

I am always saddened and made more determined whenever I hear from one of the hundreds of thousands of people imprisoned for many years because they were brave enough to grow marijuana. I am glad that our magazine can bring a little light and love into your life.

The November coalition is an excellent support and advocacy group for drug-war prisoners, and is well worth supporting.

tel (509)684-1550; web www.november.org; email [email protected].

? Dana

She likes us!

I really enjoy reading your magazine. The articles are very informative. It’s not just about people smoking pot, but rather a?piece of literature that highlights the issues regarding weed. I find this source a great way to familiarize myself with current events, and not end up just another pot smoking base head.

Lethbridge, Alberta

Irie journalism!

The Jamaican article by Pete Brady was irie. Pete really captured the spirit of what Jamaica is like. I know because I lived there off and on for about 20 years. I actually was arrested in Bowden harbor one time after a sea-going chase by the Jamaican coast guard. We were on our way to pick up some Jamaican ganja and got intercepted. I also belonged to the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church which was mentioned in?the article.

One Love,
Jeff Brown, Florida

Interviews with Jeff Brown about his adventures and the church are available at www.wbuz420.com

? Dana