Ed Rosenthal’s Bud of the Month

This is one of the 9 plants I harvested this cycle. I trimmed my plants grown in 10″ buckets so that each had only a few branches. A single 600-watt HPS lamp lighted the 3′ x 3′ garden. The plant in the picture is a M39, which yielded over 48 grams. It grows like an indica but has a mostly sativa high. This harvest was my best yet.
Russ “Med” Hemp,
Downey, California

I am growing this plant in the space between my house (on the right) and my neighbour’s fence on the left. The plant faces south and gets sun most of the day, but is sheltered from the afternoon winds. I took this picture in early August, when the buds were just beginning to form. I expect the plant to ripen by mid-Oct. I think it’s a white widow, but I’m not sure. It does smell great.

Napa, California

I light my garden with only four 1000-watt HPS lamps. The plants were started in rockwool but are now growing in Canna Coco coir, (coconut husk) which comes stuffed in plastic to fit into slab systems. It works very well. These plants are about to go into lower and I expect great results from my 6 meters.

Lugano, Switzerland