Life and love in the Marijuana Millennium

The editor hogging all the joints at the wedding.The editor hogging all the joints at the wedding.For this, our last issue of the millennium, Cannabis Culture celebrates the reaffirmation of love and life within our community. Our publisher Marc Emery was wedded to Kelly Nichol on August 26, in a ceremony near their home on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. And while I write this, our friend and activist constitutional-challenger Chris Clay and his wife Coral have just received their son Dylan into the world.
These wondrous events re-affirm for me the power of life and love in the face of great adversity, as does witnessing the growth and development of my own infant daughter.

Ancient alchemists and mystics spoke of a Sacred Marriage between the Sun and the Moon. This mystical union referred both to the sexual coupling which brings ecstasy and new life, and to the spiritual coupling between the male and female aspects of the self, which brings ecstasy and enlightenment.

The relationship between humans and cannabis could also be described as a marriage. Cannabis has been humanity’s partner since before recorded history. Cannabis has clothed us, fed us, given us paper to write on and oils to paint with. It could be said that cannabis taught humans agriculture, showed us how to breed plants, and helped us on to the path of civilization.

The sacred marriage of Marc and KellyThe sacred marriage of Marc and KellyIn the form of marijuana smoke, cannabis has entered the human body countless times, inseminating us with new ideas and new perceptions of the world. The ancients were well aware of the illuminating properties of cannabis, and how its use could open the mind to different and useful modes of perception. Some scholars believe that it was the use of cannabis and other mind-expanding drugs which helped humans bridge the gap and achieve self-awareness and self-reflective thought.

So, as we stand teetering on the brink of a new millennium, it is good to be reminded of the strange and wondrous nature of life in all its forms. We all come from the womb of a woman, and we will all die and return to the earth. How we choose to spend the time in between is the only real decision we get to make. Some choose to spend their lives in celebration of the life, love and enlightenment, others choose to spend their precious time trying to stop them.

The human potential is unlimited. I believe there is nothing our species cannot accomplish, given time enough. This includes of course the destruction of life on earth and our own species. The choice is ours. This world can be a paradise if we allow it to happen.
The sacred marriage of Marc and Kelly

Dana Larsen
Editor, Cannabis Culture
The magazine of the marijuana millennium